The beginning stage of psoriasis

Psoriasis ─ skin disease difficult to treat, especially in the later stages. The effectiveness of the therapy depends on the launched Form, the Patient medical help. If this skin is the initial stage of psoriasis, get rid of rashes on the skin is easier.

the beginning stage of psoriasis

This disease can not be cured fully. You can only achieve fast and sustained state of Remission, if you start early, expert treatment at an early stage. Since the development of Psoriasis, no one is immune, he can appear for the first time absolutely, in every age, in every it is desirable to know its first symptoms.

Symptoms: like psoriasis, looks in the initial stage

To recognize psoriasis in the early stages of its development, it is important to know the main characteristics of this disease. You should be warned:

  • The appearance of a skin rash on the body of the bright color with clear edges, especially at the point of injury to the skin (cuts, burns, frostbite). Can occur after 1-2 weeks after the damage to the integrity of the Epidermis.
  • Scaly eruptions in the Central part of the plate.
  • Coming formation on the skin itches. But this Symptom is not typical for all patients. It occurs in approximately 50% of cases, when a Person is weaken the immune system.

First of all, are very small papules. Whose diameter is comparable with the size of the head of a pin. They are semi-spherical shape and shiny surface (smooth). A few days later, the rash begins to grow, and covered with scales, a bright color with a silvery-whitish hue.

To see the triad of unique symptoms specific to Psoriasis, will be able to suspend the scales from the surface of the lesions. They are as follows:

  1. Stearic stain ─ shed to be removed without difficulty, even with low effects on you.
  2. The Terminal-film ─ after the removal of the upper layer of the striking reddish skin. It is thin, moist and shiny.
  3. Drops of blood ─ after scraping off the shed in their place to form droplets of blood, similar to the Tau.

The first Phase usually lasts several weeks. Development, papules grow up to 5-8 cm, merge. They form conglomerates, the large areas of the skin.

Localized psoriasis can be in different areas of the skin. Most of the time he is manifested in the following locations:

On the elbows

In the area of the elbow most of the spotty Form of the disease. The first symptoms ─ replace red rashes small sizes, the surface begins quickly. The skin is greatly coarsened.

On the legs

The initial psoriasis the legs begins with single small lesions, and progresses in number and size. Mainly the first papules appear on the knees or the feet, but the coating and any other surface of the legs can.

In Children

Psoriasis of the skin may occur, even in infants. The first rashes usually appear in the folds of the skin. This is especially characteristic for children up to 2 years. You can diapers on the land of concern. Of the ordinary that the diaper-Dermatitis psoriasis is characterized by the clear boundaries and brighter color (red).

The children at the age of 2 years appear to be the usual papules with scaly surface. Preferably, you occur on the extremities. Scalp skin rashes only beat the child for 10 years. With this age, clinical symptoms as in adults.

In most cases, the children developed psoriasis after the Baby endured stafilokokkovuû infection.

On the head

Often, psoriasis occurs on the scalp or on the skin Pokrov: on the back of the head, behind the ears. For papules, manifested on the head, characterized by itching. They are often cracks, wet and with.

On the nails

On to the nail plate psoriasis is similar to a mushroom. He developed as follows: first, along the furrow, or the appear to be expressed as points on the edge of the nail. Then your distribution proceeds in the direction of the root. The nail plate thickens and. If the disease continues to advance, can have been replaced the nail completely.

On the face

In the face psoriasis rarely occurs. These atypical forms of its Manifestation. Red papules begin on the eyelids, the nasolabial folds, around the eyes, in the eyebrows, on the cheeks in the Form of small mesh. Sometimes skin rashes relate to the edge of the lips and even of the mucous membrane of the cheeks, tongue.

On the Hand

To appear papules start predominantly on the extensor hands limbs, especially fingers and elbows. They are reminiscent of small wounds. Often skin rashes to form on the palms of the hands (in this case, it is also on the feet).

Treatment early stages of psoriasis

Psoriasis Treatment

For the liberation of eruptions, the methods of traditional as well as traditional medicine. We will consider the most effective of them.

The folk remedies of treatment

In medicine there are many recipes for to detect to get rid of Psoriasis at an early stage. The treatment is aimed at the improvement of immunity, removal of inflammatory processes, itching.

For the healing of lesions are used, the bee products, oak bark, chamomile, calendula, needles, celandine, a series of. On the basis of healing make compresses, baths. Also the people's medicine sees the internal cleansing of the body. Patients will drink herbal teas of Cranberry juice, lemon, raspberries, rose hips, Vitamin-Tees recommended. Effective are regular baths with sea salt. You must moisten the affected areas of the skin with natural oils: olive, sea buckthorn, apricot, peach.

Using traditional recipes, it is important to comply with the proportion and the dosage of the ingredients is essential. Do not rely exclusively on the methods of non-traditional medicine. Best to apply as a Supplement to the basic treatment. Psoriasis ─ severe disease, so it is necessary to give all the qualified assistance of doctors in time to prevent the development in the early phase of the progressive.

Treatment with drugs

The program for the treatment of Psoriasis for each patient is individually designed. When choosing a method of therapy of the doctor, and the current condition of the Person taken into account, the localization of papules, which are subject to frequency of skin rashes.

For the liberation of papules can doctors have the following treatments:

  1. The use of topical preparations (ointments, balms, Shampoos, gels):
  • Peeling action ─ tar, the ichtiolowaja ointment drugs on the Basis of salicylic acid;
  • Cytotoxic Drugs (Anti Cancer Drugs);
  • Ointments, soothes irritation and inflammatory process;
  • aromatic retinoids.
  1. Physiotherapy Techniques:
  • Paraffin;
  • UV-irradiation;
  • Sulfide and radon baths;
  • PUVA therapy;
  • electric sleep;
  • Magnetic Resonance-Laser Therapy.

Self-treatment in this area is strictly prohibited. The method of therapy has to pick up the doctor.

In the treatment of Psoriasis there is a great attention pays to the diet. It is important to strictly diet: avoid sweets, alcohol, coffee, fried, flour, smoked and spicy dishes. The basis of the diet should be fruits, grains and vegetables, dairy products and fruit (except citrus), as well as oils of vegetable origin.


The causes for the emergence of psoriasis is not well defined. But it is known that this disease is disorders of the immune system, infections, Stress and other factors can cause. But you keep preventive measures to minimize the risk of the development of the disease. Doctors recommend:

  • Avoid damaged skin (scratches, bites), his hypothermia, and burns.
  • Regularly moisturize the skin.
  • Way of infectious diseases.
  • Minimizing the amount of alcohol alcohol.
  • Avoid Stress, negative emotional States.
  • Give up Smoking.
  • Aware of medications to take.

Especially carefully it should look at the recommendations for people who already suffer from psoriasis Thus maximum prolong the period of Remission. Psoriasis ─ chronic disease, by the not completely get rid of. But if in time to start treatment in an early stage, so you can avoid their development in complex Form. To do this, you need to know the symptoms typical for the disease. Upon the occurrence of the first signs, even questionable, you need to see a doctor.

Psoriasis - how to get rid of?

A victory in the fight against Psoriasis is not measured in terms of the fact that you are reading now these lines - still on your side... And have you been on basic methods of treatment? It is understandable, because the psoriasis can progress, what is covered in a rash 70-80% of the surface of the body. Which leads to a chronic Form. Red vesicular blisters on the skin, itchy, cracked heels, peeling of the skin... All of these symptoms, you know not only by hearsay. But perhaps it is more correct to treat not the consequence but the cause?