How to Cure Psoriasis at home?

As is known, psoriasis is a chronic disease of the skin in the Form resulting in a scaly red patches. It is not contagious and usually is caused by genetic. There are many different methods of treatment.

In traditional medicine, for the healing of this disease, a variety of ointments, creams use. But in Fairness, it should be noted, as the disease is, in fact, difficult to heal, doctors often recommend their patients Folk remedies for the therapy. Of course, this treatment, it is better, under their strict control, and in order not to harm your health and is not the Problem exacerbated by self-medication should be abandoned. In this article we consider the most important and most effective methods of treatment of Psoriasis at home.

If you about the ingredients that are used for the preparation of medicaments for the treatment of Psoriasis folk medicine, you will be able to speak such natural components such as celandine, mustard, sun flower, Bay leaf, activated carbon, Shilajit, linseed oil, etc.

Good people's recipes

The folk medicine since ancient times, enjoyed great popularity. Of the traditional methods of the popular treatment is characterized in that for the passage of the procedures, only environmentally friendly and natural products and plants are used. Such treatment usually provides good results and requires less time.

Recipe 1 Celandine

One of the most effective ways to get rid of psoriatic Plaques, the use of such plants, such as celandine. On its basis, you can cook a wholesome tincture. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

  1. you have to collect celandine,
  2. calcabis juice from the plant,
  3. you can take 300 grams of juice, and you mix red wine with 30 grams.

Finished tincture you have to wipe the affected areas of the skin. After 15 minutes, the medium must be thoroughly rinse with warm tap water.

Recipe 2

For the preparation of the remedies for this recipe you need dry mustard. Preparation:

  1. take half a teaspoon of mustard powder,
  2. Mustard mix with half a teaspoon of vegetable oil,
  3. all carefully mix and add two teaspoons of the tincture of eucalyptus.

The received mix is necessary to apply on the affected skin. The procedure should not exceed 10 minutes. After this time the medium must be thoroughly treated with warm running water, and the skin must moisturizer.

Recipe 3

This Option involves the treatment of Psoriasis, activated carbon. This type of therapy is quite simple, for his behavior, follow receive one of the following circuits:

  1. If the course of treatment to 20 days of use, the dosage is calculated according to the weight of the patient. Namely, the weight must be divided by 10. The resulting number is the number of tablets that you take two times per day.
  2. If the course of treatment is 40 days, then the intake must be taken according to the previous formula, but once a day.
  3. If the course of treatment for 32 days, then the determination of the exact dosage weight is divided to 6. You can take the medicine twice a day. After 10 days of taking a break of seven days.
  4. If the course of treatment is seven days, then activated carbon should take three tablets three times per day.

Activated carbon for Psoriasis effective the fact that he is the total detoxification of the body. Remember that along with this drug, you should the sufficient quantity of water.

The treatment of psoriasis Aloe


This plant has a cleansing effect on the skin, antiseptic, healing, soothing influence. For the treatment of complaints please use only fresh product. It is very important to the leaves of the plant, from which the press juice were at the age of three years and more.

There are many recipes of Aloe Vera in Psoriasis. Most of the time the use any of the following:

  1. take 25 ml of Aloe juice, juice of celandine, calamus root, flax seed oil,
  2. add a tablespoon of vinegar (preferably Apple cider vinegar),
  3. all the ingredients, pour 300 ml of boiling water.

The ready to apply mixture for a few hours, it praesenti. That means do not RUB the affected skin less than four times per day.

Also, Aloe juice can be applied in Psoriasis and in other ways:

  1. Aloe Juice,
  2. oil from pumpkin seeds,
  3. Bees honey.

The leaves of the plant, wash, chop, squeeze the juice. Add mix it as much pumpkin seed oil and honey. A simple means to lubricate the affected skin three times a day.

Psoriasis-treatment with linseed and caraway

Quickly ease the condition of the patient, but also speed up the process of recovery of the skin helps to flax seed oil in Psoriasis. It is used as compresses, lotions. With him also masks to make and prepare the cream.

Flax seed

Flax seeds in Psoriasis orally in the Form of tinctures. Healing infusion can be prepared according to any one of the following recipes.

Recipe 1

For the preparation it is necessary:

  1. 50 Grams Of Flaxseed,
  2. 1 Cup of boiling water.

The seeds pour into a thermos with boiling water. Means leave overnight. The finished medicine to take daily on an empty stomach in the course of a month.

Recipe 2
  1. 1 Tablespoon Of Seeds,
  2. 1 Cup Of Water.

Boil the water and pour it Flaxseed. A ship must, wrap tightly with the towel and let protrudes in a day. After that, you need to drain and take a tablespoon daily on an empty stomach for 20 days.

As the external application of linseed are used for medical baths. For this purpose, 250 grams of take raw materials to five liters of water. The composition you need to remove on the fire and cook for 10-15 minutes, and then you give a little to cool and drain. Ready Infusion paste in a warm bath. The procedure should take at least 20 minutes.

Black cumin psoriasis

The oil of black cumin in the treatment of psoriasis and promotes the cleaning of the organism and increasing immunity. Effective only tminnoje apply the oil, Pre razbaviv it with linseed oil. Mix need oil by the same in equal proportions. The finished mixture, coated in disease-affected areas of the body.


The black cumin used in the Form of healing baths. To do this, take two teaspoons of the oil, connecting it with three drops of essential oils of cypress and juniper, chamomile pharmacy, and 200 grams of Marine real salt. Reception of the procedure should not be longer than 20.

Keep in mind that for the implementation of an effective treatment and elimination of unpleasant symptoms of the disease accompany, to give a sharp, flour-and sugar-containing foods.

Mumijo for the treatment of Psoriasis

How to argue with the patients, very good effect in the treatment is the use of Mumijo. There are three methods of treatment.

  1. It is the simplest recipe. It consists in the application of the remedies seeds inside. For this it should be in the Form of tablets. You need to be consumed 0.2 grams a day with this method, dissolve in the water, on an empty stomach.
  2. For 12 days, the resolution of 0.2 grams of Mumijo tablets schungite in water and take the drug every morning and evening. In addition, it is recommended compresses, prepared with the help of gauze cloths immersed in a solution of Shilajit and schungite water.
  3. The third variant is the use of this remedy offers to cook a special ointment, which promotes the rapid elimination of the external manifestations of the disease. For the preparation of 3 tablets to be dissolved in a tablespoon of olive oil. The ready means you have to put on the affected skin. The healing ointment helps to reduce itching and burning, and promotes the rapid healing of wounds.
Remember to consult that prior to the meeting of the mummy in the treatment of psoriasis, we recommend that you your doctor.

Treatment hirudotherapy

Medical Leeches
  1. Recipes and methods for dealing with such unpleasant diseases, describe, I would like to sail separately to highlight Psoriasis treatment with blood. This method of alternative medicine leech therapy is called. It is not only Psoriasis, but also of many other diseases helps.
  2. In General, the treatment is done in specialized centers, under the strict supervision of experts. For a session from 7 to 10 leeches. Preparation of the patient prior to the start of a healing session is a careful Hygiene of the body. Because the worms are very sensitive to odors of sweat, tobacco and perfumes. Psoriasis treat leeches in only 10 sessions, between which a Pause should be 1-2 days.
  3. The main indications for such treatment hirudotherapy such diseases such as neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and wounds. Also, this method is particularly suitable for the improvement of immunity.

Stay healthy!