Diet in Psoriasis: products table, that it is impossible in detail, and you can do it with psoriasis

The Basis of the diet when you are maintaining acid-base balance in the body is Psoriasis. Wherein the alkaline reaction should be much more than acid.

Diet for psoriasis

Therefore, the daily diet is products for Psoriasis should be at 65-75% of alcali formando, and 25-35% from acid-forming. First and foremost, alkaline formando vegetables and fruit. An acidic food, the protein, starch, fats and oils, meat, cereals, cream, cheese, potatoes.

First and foremost, the diet of psoriasis is a large consumer of water per day needs to eat about 7-10 cups. Better yet, only purified, distilled water and freshly squeezed juices to drink.

From numerous recipes and diets, cogitavit, and hand-picked the research this disease to understand more than clear and simple the diet and the composition of the right nutritious food remains completely meet the needs of fed.

Try and decide which diet for psoriasis suits you better.

Diet and nutrition for psoriasis

So some of the rules and recommendations of nutrition in psoriasis, and what is the right diet should be:

  1. Necessary to the daily ration into three parts and consisted of fresh fruit and vegetables. Especially a salad of beets, carrots and cabbage. The basis of the diet should root celery, onions, garlic, cumin, caraway, fennel, and cucumbers are added, etc.
  2. Another part of the diet should consist of protein (sunflower seeds, raw nuts, egg protein, lean meat).
  3. And the last part of the daily diet in Psoriasis buckwheat, barley, peas and beans. Plus the use of natural sweets, dates, raisins, apricots.

What is there not the case of psoriasis

First and foremost, the diet for Psoriasis fruits, chocolate, full-fat milk with a large fat content should be without citrus. Do not eat large amounts of honey and products that contain the red Pigment, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and others — these products is that it is impossible, in the case of Psoriasis in any case.

Diet can eat for Psoriasis what is it

Right diet for psoriasis — a guarantee for a good condition of the skin, that is why it is so necessary to negate the consumption of acidic, spicy, smoked, sweet. It is also worth paying attention to the intake of salt and try to reduce the consumption and other salty foods.

Forbidden products in the case of psoriasis, these are the ones that can afford to allergic reactions, which is not very desirable in the treatment of Psoriasis. Worth special attention is paid to alcohol in Psoriasis, its consumption must drastically restrict.

In the event of psoriasis

The most useful in the diet for psoriasis is the use of vegetable oils with polyunsaturated fatty acids in the composition. These acids are inhibitory for the position of anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic processes in the body.

For the maintenance of the liver function, you will have to eat foods with plenty of fiber. Also fiber is the key to ensure regular bowel movements, maintaining the Balance of minerals and ensuring of normal metabolism.

Therefore important products for psoriasis, a variety of salads with vegetable oil, buckwheat porridge and oatmeal, salad, beef liver, cheese, cottage cheese.

For the maintenance of the fortress walls of the blood the health of the skin, nails, body vessels, always of vitamins for Psoriasis and its need has grown significantly.

Diet for patients with Psoriasis should also.vitamins A, B, and d contain, in addition to the maintaining the health of nails, hair and skin, the vitamins for psoriasis to bring the condition of the nervous system

In the diet for psoriasis switched on beet sugar. It contains B vitamins, Provitamin A and a large amount of organic sodium, iodine, zinc, manganese, iron, Magnesium, etc.

Therapeutic fasting in the treatment of psoriasis

Diet for Psoriasis what not

Diet for Psoriasis includes the mandatory cleaning of the body, and this will fasting help in Psoriasis (per week for about 20 or 30 hours of Hunger). Try a day in which no food or drink except distilled water. After a day of Hunger, in the morning, a salad of beets, carrots and cabbage to eat, the monastery, drink tea, Psoriasis, and then back to schedule diet.

The result of fasting and a diet for Psoriasis is enormous, and after 2-3 weeks you can feel the improvement of the condition of the organism. Do not forget that alcohol is permitted.

In the event of breach, if steadily the diet for Psoriasis you will notice how the condition of the skin and not more inconvenience-free, peaceful life with no clearly visible traces of Psoriasis.