Psoriasis on the hands — a photo and the beginning phase of treatment

Psoriasis on the hands is a chronic skin disease is not completely known, up to the present day of special shifts to the search for effective treatment is not observed. The pathology of the formation of Psoriasis on the hands is up to 80% of the total number of this type of disease. Psoriatic patches, or Plaques, can you beat all of the areas of the skin.

Paris on the Hand

On the one hand Psoriasis on the hands is not a threat to the life of the patient. However, if you the treatment, and to bring to severe forms of the disease, it can cause severe complications, which is no longer so harmless. For example, psoriasis, the main joints of the human, can lead to the development of psoriatic Arthritis, negative impact on the work of the musculoskeletal system.

These consequences, as a result of it is the loss of ability to work and Status of the disability. You treat Psoriasis on the hands is hard enough, however, in the qualitative complex treatment may significantly increase Remission.


What is it? Thanks to research, there are many hypotheses of the origin of this skin disease. But with absolute certainty the cause of the disease is not yet possible. According to scientific formulation, there are two alleged causes of psoriasis:

  • autoimmune Form;
  • Dysfunction of the skin.

Autoimmune Form of psoriasis manifests itself in the haphazard development of various substances, the effects on the skin. The second reason is the emergence of psoriatic Plaques this is the ripening of unwanted cells, respuant healthy tissue. There is some speculation that the psoriasis has a hereditary cause-and-effect relationship.

The most important aggravating factors, what are the origins of the disease:

  • Diseases of the digestive tract (primarily liver and intestine);
  • hormonal disorders (decrease in the level of Melatonin secretion, increased concentrations of growth hormone, prolactin, Insulin);
  • loaded with inheritance (Psoriasis, determined at the previous generations);
  • allergic setting of the organism;
  • Diseases of the skin (allergic, fungal, etc.);
  • Injuries to the skin (including insect bites and tattoo);
  • Stress, exhaustion of the nervous system;
  • Infections (HIV, in children, frequent SARS);
  • Taking medications;
  • Effects on the skin of the hands reactive agents (household chemicals, Outdoor medicine, etc.);
  • toxic effect on the body (alcohol, Smoking);
  • Childbirth in women.

Psoriasis on the hands brings not only aesthetic discomfort but also the problems of physiological nature, because in this disease the chances of atrophy of the small joints, and thus a reduction in the functional ability and the sensitivity.

Psoriasis on the hands of the stage

This insidious disease can strike as the hands and the skin between the fingers and the palm of your hand. Important begin to heal Psoriasis in the initial phase, that is, at the first signs. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of developing psoriatic Arthritis and spread to other parts of the body.


Psoriasis on the hands and symptoms develop gradually. In the initial phase, in the areas of straightening papules appear. They are small and flat, and are raised on the skin. Covered the formation of white scales, which fall back slightly.

For the further development of the psoriasis on the hands is by such signs:

  • when the scales tear off, then the shell is reinforced.
  • Peeling-foil covered papule.
  • little blood-points (Drip bleeding) appear.
  • Nodules develop, grow, acquire large sizes.
  • Plaques appear.

Psoriasis on the hands can be different: in the Form of individual Spots in different sizes or detachment of the nail up to the total loss. The disease is due to thickening in the vicinity of joints and on you. Dry skin on the hands, there are cracks and inflammation

Treatment of Psoriasis on the hands

In the case of Psoriasis on the hands treatment as a local and General therapy, and the observance of the regime and diet is complex. In the case of the prescription of drugs and treatments, the doctor is obliged to determine the stage and Form of the disease, the treatment really effective.

How to treat it? The complex of therapeutic measures includes:

the first Phase
  1. General treatment – patients appointed antihistamines and Anti-anxiety medications, intake of immune modulators. Also the intake of medicines assigned to increase the immunity, B vitamins A, B, C, D.
  2. Local treatment, – the Patient anti-inflammatory ointment to prescribe, recurrent medication. Drugs to improve the working of the digestive tract. Perhaps the use of corticosteroid ointments.
  3. Physiotherapy treatment – such methods are widely used, like paraffin baths, PUVA therapy, ultraviolet irradiation.
  4. Therapeutic nutrition – an essential factor in the treatment of Psoriasis on the hands, palms, elbows, etc.

In the initial stage, it is to lose very important any time you hesitate competent experts who are familiar with the nature of psoriasis and can have qualified help. Patients with this disease often need in the Psycho-emotional correction and advice from psychologists. For the decrease of the voltage sedatives, means associated with a slightly soporific effect.

Ointments for the treatment of early stage

The tactics of the initial phase of treatment of Psoriasis gradually changes. The application of cytostatics and hormonal drugs with serious side effects. For the relief of acute conditions experts, flavor-wise tables retinoids and non-hormonal drugs, local measures (ointments, gels, Sprays).

If non-hormonal drugs are not effective, then the treatment produce hormonal agents.

PUVA therapy in psoriasis

PUVA-therapy — photo-chemo therapeutic treatment of Psoriasis. The method is based on the application of UV light and photosensitizers, increase the sensitivity of the skin to UV-radiation. For a complete cleaning of the skin of Psoriasis-Plaques required to 20-25 treatments.

PUVA therapy is usually surfaces in the case of exudative, vulgar forms of Psoriasis, including in the localization of inflammation in the area of the hand. The method is effective in 85-90%.

Prevention of relapse


This disease has properties to cease progress and so you must always keep in mind and certain measures of prevention:

  • the skin of the hands should moisturize often as possible;
  • To avoid exposure to chemicals;
  • follow the right diet without nicotine and alcohol;
  • Eat complex vitamins.

It is important to remember to crack that in Psoriasis legs the balance of the humidity, because dry skin of the feet start, what is the primary source for Psoriasis because the skin injury. In addition, the skin of the feet should not be too greasy, because it will also aggravate the disease.