Skin care in psoriasis

How to change the properties of the skin, Psoriasis, affected?

For the skin of the affected with Psoriasis, characterized by an accelerated renewal of the Epidermis. In the standard for the complete renewal of the cells of the Epidermis 3-4 weeks, and in the case of psoriasis it takes only 4-7 days. As a result of dehydration, the skin becomes drier and less elastic. In addition, it is prone to inflammation, platelets, the skin on different parts of the body, especially the arms, legs, torso and head, and have a reddish color. In General, Plaques with thin whitish scales covered. Psoriasis - a chronic disease with FLUCTUS flow, resulting in the rule to 15 years.

How to relieve pain and itching?

In order to not aggravate the inflammation, try not to RUB or comb plates. Care of the skin, treat it very carefully. You should not remove dead shells, the skin on the elbows, knees, and head. Better if the scales excorio be gradually self-healing of the skin.

As always, you wash the skin of psoriasis affected?

When washing, do not try to stretch and RUB the skin.

Better the soul does not prefer baths because they dry the skin. But to relax, you can sometimes take a bath, but under the condition that it is not too long, and the water is not very hot - a maximum of 37-38°C.

The soap should be used in neutral and fragrance free. Soap</1_img>

After washing, do not try to remove calluses on the elbows and the knees.

The skin dry with a towel should be very by gently pressing it to the body.

Carefully all the folds and hidden areas of the skin exhauriat. Particular attention is paid to figures of hearing AIDS picked up, and the skin behind the ear-shells, axillaribus cavities, folds of the skin under the mammary glands, umbilical region and the groin, and the skin between the toes.

Can I bathe with psoriasis?

Bathing in Psoriasis is possible, but not during exacerbations, when the skin is particularly vulnerable. The other led to the West, you agree that psoriasis nezarazen, and you risk nothing, because in addition to them.

Before swimming in the Pool you can wear on tile with Vaseline to protect them from the effects of chlorine and other chemicals into the water. Emerged from the basin, rinse the skin with warm clear water. The skin exhauriat with a soft towel, patting it on the body.

What are the cosmetics and means for care of the skin you can Psoriasis?

In the case of psoriasis, soft, alkaline Soaps, Deodorants, decorative cosmetics, etc. at the best remedies for sensitive or children's skin. In the case of Allergy to any perfumes use the same products hypoallergenic means which you applied, up to the first exacerbation of Psoriasis. Note that substances which allergic reactions can be fresh to the composition of the air, and air-conditioning systems for the Laundry.

In the case of the inflammation of the skin in the armpits saline rinse solution. As long as the redness of the skin is not going to happen, Deodorants is not recommended to use. You can avoid the medium, the alcohol and aromatic substances.

You can also use with conventional and water-resistant make-up for eyes, lips and face

To use for hair removal a better wax, a cold irritates the skin less than hot wax, depilatory creams or shaving, especially if the tiles are on the legs and armpits.

What are the means for skin care use in Psoriasis?

Those who suffer from Psoriasis, it is hard to choose to, to use any means for the removal of cosmetics or lotions for the body, especially when you consider ever-growing range of these products. In this section, we ask you, which Tools are suitable for the care of sensitive skin of the face and body.

We do not give an exhaustive list, but just some of the resources that you can use. Do not hesitate to ask questions pharmacist for more information.

Psoriasis - a chronic disease, often with a wave-shaped course. It is characterized by increased proliferation of keratinocytes, the giperkeratozu (thickening of the Horny layer of the Epidermis) and the emergence of inflamed reddish patches on the skin.

The list of Tools

The range of means for the care of skin with psoriasis is far from complete, therefore, it is important to choose such means which lead to irritation and have no allergenic properties. Irritation of the skin can lead to the phenomenon of Kebnera, i.e., to the emergence of new Plaques on irritated skin. In the sale there is an agent with keratolytic effect to remove dandruff, facilitates the access preparations for topical application (e.g., glucocorticoids and Vitamin D derivatives) to damaged skin and its Absorption. Finally, in the case of Psoriasis, you need to use emollients (moisturizers) in the medium, since the elasticity of the skin and make it less rough and dry. Particularly suitable for this medium on the Basis of water from hot springs (have a soothing and anti-inflammatory properties).

Although the means for skin care can not replace drugs for the local treatment of Psoriasis, and the other can complement each other. Means for skin care to the improvement of the General condition of the patients with Psoriasis as reduce discomfort and improve the appearance of the skin. Well-moisturized skin looks better and is softer, allowing patients with Psoriasis to feel more secure. Thus, the use of these funds is to help improve their quality of life.

Moisturizing lotions for the body

In the case of psoriasis, the skin becomes dry and rough, Horny layer of the epidermis thickens considerably. The violation of cellular processes leads to the fact that the skin is becoming more and more difficult to store moisture, and the drying out of exposed to. So in the case of psoriasis softening agent recommended that the skin is more plastic. Such substances, such as urea, amino acids and lactic acid, suction end and hold the water, give these means to the attenuating properties, and Vaseline, beeswax, vegetable oils and ceramides, it prevents dehydration of the skin - protective properties. Lotions for the body

To use what means better?

Better the resources with the designation of "O/W" (oil in water) on the packaging, the use of which the skin is not so greasy, as is the case with the use of the funds with the designation "W/O" (water in oil). Patients with Psoriasis, in General, the compositions are suitable for the care of very dry skin, and resources for patients with atopic Dermatitis. But the inflammation of the skin in Psoriasis does not always lead to dryness. Eczema - a skin disease in the Form of eczema. Although individual symptoms (especially redness and itching of the skin) are reminiscent of some forms of Psoriasis, atopic Dermatitis leads to a thickening of the Stratum corneum of the Epidermis.

There is a special treatment method?

It is important to remember that the attenuating means is not directly in front of the exposure of the skin to UV-A or UV-B, because they complicate the access of this radiation on the skin. However, you can per day before surgery or on the eve.

Which means buy, if it is itchy Plaques?

Patients with Psoriasis, especially if the itchy Plaques, are the means to take care of the skin affected with atopic Dermatitis (enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, and essential fatty acids). Although a deficiency of fatty acids characteristic of atopic Dermatitis, there is every reason to believe that they are necessary and in the case of Psoriasis, because, for him, characteristic of accelerated renewal of the Epidermis.

Keratolytic Agents

Cornification disorders of the skin - a normal process during which the skin is renewed and by the keratinocytes. Keratinocytes form the population of the epidermis cells and produce Keratin. In the case of psoriasis whose function is disturbed, resulting in the Horny layer of the skin thickens, and scales. As the desquamation of the keratinocytes is disturbed in Psoriasis, the skin becomes coarser. For dealing with hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin) there are different active ingredients, including salicylic acid, urea, lactic acid.

Which substances are the most effective?

Salicylic acid has keratolytic and antiseptic, is the active ingredient that is an integral part of many funds in the event of irritation and flaking of the skin. Urea acts as a keratolytic and moisturizer. The so-called Alpha-gidroksilovye acids and fruit acids (such as glycolic and citric acid) are used since a long time in cosmetics due to its exfoliating and delenimenta act, as they help to remove cells of excess out of date. Stronger Alpha-gidroksilovye acid (low pH) have a strong Peeling effect. In the case of psoriasis, only the weakest Alpha acids-gidroksilovye, such as lactate and Ammonium. keratoplastica are in the composition of the creams T-emulsions, they help to remove obsolete Epidermis and scales. This medium is particularly recommended to apply the thickening, and covered with scales, the skin of the body and the head covered with skin.

Most of the keratolytic agents containing the active ingredient, which helps in the moisture of the Horny layer of the Epidermis. These funds can be used as maintenance therapy for the care of the normal moisture of the skin and prevention of exacerbations. In the case of the defeat of the Epidermis, these agents soften and make it more ductile.

Treatment for flere lesions of the skin

In some cases, psoriasis is accompanied by oozing of the skin, wherein the Zone of defeat are reminiscent of bubbles on its surface. These bubbles fills colorless or yellowish transparent liquid. If these are damaged, spontaneous or due to scratching, the looks skin moist and can be covered with crusts. In those places where the skin experiences a constant friction, the emergence of bubbles after bursting. The cause of the bubbles to Trauma or inflammation can. Weeping lesions of the skin

Facial care

If the skin of the face not affected with Psoriasis, for cleaning you can use any of the programs, according to the type of the skin, such as soap, water, means for removing of cosmetics, cleansing milk or Gel. In the presence of comedo better enjoy the gentle cleansing gel. If the skin is dry, we recommend the use of cleaning products, the soap is not included, the soap and cleansing milk. If the skin is affected with Psoriasis, you need to carefully consider your purity monitor the cleaning in the morning and in the evening, and every day (or even several times a day in severe dryness), apply a moisturizer. Although the ideal means for care of Psoriasis affected skin is not available, use ones that don't lead to irritation. You can mineral water the treatment of skin pairs, which helps to remove scales and reduces redness. exhauriat skin neat promakivaniem towel. With the defeat of the skin, you should avoid visiting the cosmetic Salons and home - use of masks and scrubs for the face, the irritation may increase. In the absence of lesions on the request, the means with different active ingredients (e.g. anti-aging) can be tolerated, as long as you are good. But the funds, which are derivatives of Vitamin A, should be used with caution.

Care of the hairy part of the head

In the case of psoriasis of the scalp skin, which in this Phase can crebrescunt and red Plaques, covered with many scales. To remove the scales and reduce itching, you need to keratolytic Shampoos that contain no tar. Shampoo wear on the roots of the hair and after 5 minutes, wash off. Then thoroughly rinse the hair and then rinse again with a suitable for this kind of hair Shampoo. After the scalp is free of any lesions, you need to use mild Shampoos that the occurrence of dandruff. If you are using a suitable Shampoo, wash your hair daily. To remove the dandruff from the scalp, apply keratolytic creams can be. For maximum effect, it is recommended that the cream on the scalp and leave for 2 hours, wearing on his head a shower cap. In no exacerbation of the psoriasis, the hair color, however, you can not wash with hot water and dry with hot air.

Protection against solar radiation

Although sunlight has a positive effect on the skin in psoriasis you need to protect you from the harmful UV-A and UV-b Are special sunscreen for patients with atopic Dermatitis, for example, Lotion for children with a high protection factor Mustela SPF50.