Psoriasis on the body — what is it and what a pleasure

Psoriasis is a chronic non-communicable diseases, mainly lesions of the skin. In most cases of Psoriasis on the patient's body in the areas of chronic inflammation, which are worn to form elements of the rash (depending on the type of disease, different areas of the body papules, red spots or pustules covered dry).

General Information

Psoriasis is a common chronic skin disease that manifest at any age. The majority of the patient is fair-skinned people from 16 to 22 and 57 to 60 years.

According to recent studies, the psoriasis is one of the systemic autoimmune diseases, but in the end the reason for the development of the disease is not installed.

The disease can occur in a mild, moderate and severe Form (often a severe Form of psoriatic Arthritis that can lead to disability).


Psoriasis on the body depending on the type of skin rash can:

  • Vulgar (simple as a Plaque or ordinary). The most common Form, in the different parts of the body are dry, a little optimistic on the surface of the skin in small, dense, red, and hot spots (papules). Papules in the majority of cases arise at the locations of the skin that are exposed to friction (back, stomach, etc.), mechanical injuries, burns or low temperatures (hands). With the development of papules, Plaques merge to form a large, with silvery dry scales, and in the severe Form of the disease, of Plaques all plates ("Paraffin-lake").
  • Pustular. This severe Form of the disease begins with the appearance of small vesicles on the body, containing a transparent sterile liquid. The skin on the lesion is red, thickened, swollen, and easily peels off. If the disease is in a limited way, the skin rash may coalesce, especially on the legs and under the arms and in a generalized Form of small pustules to larger and spread throughout the body.
  • Point. In this Form of the disease, the elements of the rash on the entire body. Psoriasis on the back, the thighs, the extremities, the neck and the abdomen shows itself in the Form of numerous red or purple small dry spots, which is of a Form similar to points or drops. This Form occurs for the first time in a patient after Streptococcus infection.
  • Back (Psoriasis flexor surfaces). Elements of the rash in this Form of the disease are smooth red spots, which are not scrolls, and almost does not protrude beyond the skin. So, in General, the psoriasis manifests itself on the Pope (in the folds), in the groin, under the Breasts and armpits. Inverse Psoriasis can be complicated fungal infection and streptococcal pyoderma due to increased sweating and friction in the area of the lesion.


The emergence of Psoriasis, skin rashes on the body due to inflammatory process in the skin. Inflammation provoked by accelerated multiplication of skin cells, urban sprawl in the upper layer of the Epidermis, small capillaries, and the withering away of the top layer of the skin.

The reasons for the development of the inflammatory process are not finally established, but it is known that Psoriasis provoke certain factors:

  • stressful situations (mental or physical strain);
  • dry skin;
  • Household chemicals, cosmetics, and other external irritating factors;
  • Smoking, consumption of alcohol, excessive Hygiene, mechanical injury (factors that the condition of the skin);
  • Taking certain medications (Beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, etc.);
  • the change of the climate;
  • infectious and allergic diseases.


Psoriasis is not a complete recovery, but symptomatic treatment, which allows carried out in the initial phase of the development of the disease, the spread of the inflammation.

How does psoriasis on the body in the early stages of the disease, depends on the nature of the disease:

  • (Vulgar) like Plaque Psoriasis on the body there are small pale-pink papules, such as an allergic rash. The skin around the papules acquires swelling, itching, and papules gradually transformed into platelets, the cells (silvery scales).
  • If pustular psoriasis appear on the body, bright red areas of inflammation, in which there are small, fluid-filled bubbles, which gradually increase in size (in General, primary cells pustules Psoriasis appear on the buttocks and in the genital area).
  • The Teardrop Form anywhere on the body red spots appear (such as drops), the lenses are smaller than the grain.
  • In the case of the inverse Form of Psoriasis in the natural folds of the skin, red spots with a shiny smooth surface (typical of Psoriasis such as Plaques scales are missing).

Elements of the rash may tiles look like points, drops or round. Rashes can.wear a single product (in General, such elements of the rash will be symmetrical), or form rings, a bow and a "geographical map" with jagged edges

Under the influence of irritating substances on platelet bulge purchase and will be cherry-red, with obsolete Psoriasis cyanosis of the elements observed in lesions, and a marked Infiltration.

For Psoriasis is typical of the wave-shaped course of periods of lesions, their growth and intense desquamation followed by stationary and regressing stages (new elements are formed, and the existing and after disappear).



The diagnosis is made on the basis of the psoriatic triad, in the light poskablivanii the affected area. Observed Phenomena:

  • Stearin Spot;
  • Terminal Foil;
  • Spot Bleeding.

In doubtful cases, is done is a skin biopsy.


Psoriasis on the body by means of treated:

  • Local Preparations. In the initial phase, perhaps the nonhormonal ointment (sulfur, salicylic acid, etc.). Psoriasis on the body effectively ointment to the base of tar. In the absence of the effect of the ointment with corticosteroids.
  • Systemic Therapy. Retinoids, which speed up the proliferation of skin cells, immunosuppressive drugs, the activity of the immune system, and cytotoxic drugs, the brakes increased growth of skin cells.apply

You treat the psoriasis on the body at home, you can with a variety of ointments, lotions, lotions, baths, decoctions, and tinctures.

A good effect of photochemotherapy (PUVA-therapy). Also, magnetic field therapy, the treatment of bee venom and other physiotherapeutic techniques apply.