Psoriasis in children

In children Psoriasis treatment should comply with as early as possible and strictly. Likewise, strictly follow the advice of a doctor for the skin care.


It is very important to the principles of a healthy lifestyle to help the immune system to cope with Psoriasis.

Plaques on the skin can be a serious Problem for the child, so it should learn the care of diseased skin and to treat.

In 15% of cases of Psoriasis the age and in 30% of cases, up to 20 years begins on the child. It is a chronic skin disease with a genetic predisposition. The impetus for the development of the disease the surrounding factors (e.g. change of season to serve, clothes to the skin, infections, emotional Stress, and taking certain medications) RUB.

The clinical symptoms of psoriasis in children in about the same as in adults. However, in children the psoriasis often takes atypical shape that can lead to diagnostic difficulties. Some of the children dermatoses with a defeat, on the buttocks, eyelids and scalp, can be very similar to the Psoriasis.

Fortunately, not all children who suffer from Psoriasis, had to experience such an attitude, but this story shows how difficult the daily life of the sick Psoriasis can.

As the Psoriasis in children

In children the psoriasis usually takes one of the following forms:

  • Defeated, on the knees, the elbows or the scalp, in General, persistent (runs without exacerbations and remissions).
  • Small red tile, sometimes the whole body, by a couple of weeks. For many children psoriasis disgust caused. The tiles bring the children to a great inconvenience, embarrassment cause and lead to severe psychological consequences. Ridicule from other children even more aggravate the Situation.

If your child has psoriasis, do your best to save him on Plaques.

How you can help your child Psoriasis sufferer?

Must examine the child as soon as possible to start treatment. You should strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor, and don't forget to regularly applied to the skin you cream. The treatment is not carried out so long until the tiles disappear altogether.

With the defeat of the Stop, the same treatment shall apply and follow the same guidelines as in adults. Until the skin is healed, your treatment of the edge of the careless. Better to avoid wearing fashionable shoes that can damage the skin Stop. However, after the subsidence of the exacerbation, this requirement can mitigate a little.

What kinds of activities you can do with the child?

The social welfare and the good physical Form of the child are very important, so if he loves sports, more.

You are asking the child to play in sports, so he is a high level of physical activity; ask how varied his interests, but don't forget to make sure that the skin in certain areas of the body that was not stretching frequent. Excessive stretching of the skin (for example, if a child goes too long with the Bicycle) can trigger the Psoriasis.

Not the law should give the child the opportunity to swim in the Pool. To relieve irritation by chemicals, particulate matter in water, enough to put on irritated Vaseline. To dehumidify the affected areas thoroughly, dunking properly with a towel.

What diet is recommended for children who suffer from Psoriasis?

In children with obesity possible wrinkles Psoriasis or parts of the skin prone to Stretching. Let your child fill the deficiency of positive emotions overeating.


You must also maintain the immune system of the child. Since the immune system of the child, as indeed his whole body, can not be completed, for their proper operation is extremely important, a balanced diet.

For the immune system is very harmful tobacco smoke, is not as important to make sure that the child is trying to get in contact with tobacco smoke and especially the smoke.

How can I patients with Psoriasis child help?

The relatives of the sick child to him. all the love, which are only capable of, and in particular, for him, a support However, this does not mean that a child can afford to use their illness for the Manipulation of adults or psychological blackmail. In addition, it is very important that the child formed attitude to his illness as a severe error.

As the self-confidence in children often depends on their appearance, the mockery of Plaques on the skin of patients with Psoriasis of the child, cause him severe psychological trauma. Train your child not to respond to such comments. The participation for a child (and best friend) in discussions with his teachers help him learn to communicate.

The emotional tension (regardless of reason) can aggravate Psoriasis, so that in the event of aggravation of the disease, it is recommended to seek early help from a professional or psychologist.

Forms of psoriasis

Infantile Psoriasis differs little from adults and in 30% of cases accompanied by itching. However, during the childhood Psoriasis has some peculiarities. So, in the case of children this is particularly common phenomenon Kebnera in the Genesis of psoriatic lesions in areas of injury or irritation of the skin occurs. For example, these skin rashes can be localized to the scar after vaccination, or injury when falling from the Bicycle.

The development of Psoriasis at an early age does not speak of a poor prognosis. Similarly, the development of severe Psoriasis in a child means that an adult, he will also suffer severe Psoriasis. However, since the psoriasis is a chronic disease, is likely to be your child for a lifetime, remain in regular intervals to sharpen and get out.

1. Ordinary Forms Of

Pelenochny Psoriasis

Although Psoriasis can develop in early childhood, he rarely appears with the birth. However, in newborns is a special Form of psoriasis, the psoriasis a so-called pelenochny developed. The most important Manifestation of which is the defeat of the buttocks, by the irritation of the skin due to contact with urine and feces. As in the case of such a defeat, many other causes can diagnosis of psoriasis in this case is not easy. This localization of the lesion hard to ensure that this Manifestation of psoriasis, but no ordinary Dermatitis, similar to Psoriasis. In older children you have psoriasis differentiate with Dermatitis, in skin folds, buttocks and scalp.

Ordinary Psoriasis

Children, like adults, can become sick everyday, or Psoriasis, characterized by red, significantly reduced land changes to the skin, covered with thick, white scales covered.

Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate Psoriasis occurs most frequently in childhood. It's characterized by the sudden appearance of small red is a scaly papules, usually on the trunk, arms and legs. This Form of Psoriasis often develops after an infection such as otitis media or nasopharyngitis. The seed of the brush stroke from the throat often results in an infection. Guttate Psoriasis is often confused with diseases, accompanied by fever and skin rash.

2. Severe Forms

In children as in adults, in rare cases there are severe forms of Psoriasis, including pustular Psoriasis and erythroderma. In General, the development of these forms of the disease requires hospitalization.

Pustular Psoriasis

Pustular Psoriasis in children it is rare, though it can occur immediately after birth. In such cases, its called pustular Psoriasis newborn. He shows many of the pustules with sterile contents, and can develop as an independent disease or as a complication of ordinary psoriasis. The triggering factor of this Form of Psoriasis, infections, Stress, vaccinations or the use of certain drugs can be used. Confirmation of the diagnosis may sometimes only after the onset of additional clinical signs Generalized pustular Psoriasis is often flares are accompanied by fever. Palmoplantar pustular Psoriasis has a wave-shaped course and sometimes leads to severe functional limitations.

Psoriatic erythroderma

In children, the psoriatic erythroderma, the skin is red from head to toe. Redness of the skin. by fever and pain in the joints In some areas of the skin with pustules. This Form can start to make it difficult as a stand-alone disease or for other forms of Psoriasis. The impetus for their development is often an infection or taking certain medications.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis in children is very rare. It shows a combination of Arthritis with the defeat of skin in the Form of pustules or redness. Arthritis occurs with asymmetrical the defeat of the small and large joints of the fingers and toes.

Localization of the lesions

The defeat of is localized virtually in the same areas of the body, as in adults. But the defeat in the face in adults (5.6% of the cases), there was much more rare than in children (30% of cases). Skin rashes may. on the forehead and the cheek, accompanied by redness of the skin, and sometimes extending to the eyelids and the ears The defeat of the party psychologically especially hard tolerated and lead to Isolation. In children the psoriasis affects and other areas of the body, including:

  • Mucous membranes, especially the language, the epithelium, the scaling will be exposed to, because of what the tongue with a patch, the shape and size of which change every day ("geographical language");
  • Palm and sole with the development of hyperkeratosis (thickening of the Horny layer of the Epidermis);
  • Elbows, knees, back and scalp — the most common localization of the lesions in psoriasis;

Skin fold: if you fold of the overweight children that are under the chin the skin, in other cases, the defeat of the fold of skin on the neck is rarely celebrated. The skin of the armpit is also rarely a target for the defeat, in contrast to the region of the umbilicus, where the skin rashes often appear.

Nails: one third of the children, the child's Psoriasis that affects the nails. For this defeat you have captured all the nails on the hands and feet. Nails covered little grooves and are as Foxglove.

Scalp: the defeat of the scalp in childhood Psoriasis is not uncommon. You, however, that in the case of the children of the defeat of the scalp seborrheic Dermatitis of the skin is a Manifestation that along with this covered buttocks.

Approach for the treatment of

Children and their parents, it is sometimes hard to that the psoriasis is chronic and the quality of life is significantly reduced. And even if an effective treatment can possible heal psoriasis yet.

Since the psoriasis can be inherited, the parents tend to blame themselves in diseases of the child, particularly if Psoriasis suffer. Study** study were found killed under 100 people with Psoriasis, 11% of them do not want to have children because they fear that the delivery of his disease. Can upset the parents, when he learned that the psoriasis in your child could be triggered by Stress. Finally, the parents can feel totally powerless before this disease, to know how you can help your child to deal with it.

In connection with this, skin doctor need to try, the child and his parents remembered a real idea of this disease, in particular, that the genetic predisposition is not the only cause of Psoriasis.

Treatment methods

The appointed dermatologist for the treatment should include not only the clinical Form of Psoriasis, but also the wishes of the child (if old enough to take you to the expression) and his parents Skin doctor, should be shared with the child and his parents, picking a treatment is the most appropriate. Weigh the risks and benefits of treatment should be even more thoroughly, as is the case with adults, especially if you intend to use the resources for systemic use. Due to the toxicity of certain drugs, the selection of the suitable methods of treatment for children is limited.

Infantile Psoriasis is usually treated consistently, without treatment, on a other, every three months (as in adults). In the summer of defeat will be less noticeable and is, by the action of sunlight. The appearance of new lesions, the treatment is resumed and continued until the skin has not been cleaned in these areas.

Local Treatment

For the treatment of Psoriasis in children in a General rule, only local treatment.

  • The most important thing - the moistening of the skin, especially through moisturizing creams and baths with the addition of softening agents.
  • In Psoriasis effective ointments with glucocorticosteroids.

Systemic Treatment

In the case of comprehensive or heavy defeat, or a significant reduction in the quality of life in connection with Psoriasis the doctor may use a systemic treatment to prescribe.

Systemic therapy can lead to severe side effects, so it should be the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed with the child and his parents. In General, short courses, conducted under the supervision of a physician prescribe.