The treatment of psoriasis with traditional methods

According to modern medicine, cure psoriasis completely impossible. In many studies a significant improvement of the General condition of the patient is quite possible with the use of alternative medicine.

Home therapy has been used for many years. Cases of dermatological disorders met even until the XIX century, as non-existent modern anti-inflammatory drugs and people herbal remedies treated.As traditional methods to get rid of Psoriasis?


The effectiveness of traditional medicine in the treatment of psoriasis

Herbal medicines have been for centuries, which testify numerous historical records. Several randomized controlled studies showed positive results in the application of natural products for the treatment of dermatological disorders.

Depending on the substance used, the main effects of traditional medicine against Psoriasis, the following:

  • Cleaning the skin of Psoriasis cells.
  • Smooth epithelial Regeneration.
  • Elimination of itching.
  • Stabilize the production of sebum.
  • The disappearance of the redness of the skin.
  • Resolution of pathological elements.
  • The normalization of the immune status.
  • Improvement of the skin, moisturize, and restore.
  • Excretion of toxins.
  • Colon cleaning.
  • Sedative Effect.

Please note!To improve the results and is an effective treatment of Psoriasis folk medicine, it is important to know which alternatives can occur are General medicines of traditional medicine and what are the possible side effects or interactions.

Principles of the medical Home

To extend the use of tried-and-tested means of Remission of the disease at home. Also, significant pathological lesions in psoriasis are less distinct, and the symptoms not so much the patient's worry during the application of the methods of alternative medicine.

Psoriasis traditional methods As Psoriasis to cure with traditional methods? In the principles of domestic medicine, the following postulates are:
  • Regularity is a prerequisite for the successful effect of the treatment and makes it possible to stabilize the state, reduce the size of the affected area and improve the General well-being.
  • A smooth transition from low dosage to higher; short-term method for more time. The most important criterion here is the condition of the patient, as well as visible results with the selected treatment should.
  • A positive attitude to the success and continuous improvement, will soon feel the effectiveness of the applied methods. Scepticism and unbelief in the therapy reduced the quality of the treatment.
  • No influence on the disease, a number of triggers. This means that this disease should be treated only by consistently improving and reducing the symptoms associated with it. To try to eliminate it is important that all possible factors are usually the cause of the exacerbation.
  • All variants of the national Psoriasis therapy in the home are becoming less effective, while the effects of hormones on the body. These drugs have many side effects, and the results in your application quick, but not for long, that leads to even greater aggravation of the pathological process.

Prevention of the disease at home

As the clinical practice shows that certain traditional methods of Psoriasis have a great recognition among the patients, continuing to confirm its effectiveness. Official patents or global recognition of the self-medication has not purchased, but thanks to him, the people suffering from Psoriasis, significantly improve your health, and some of them completely forget about the unpleasant symptoms for a long enough period of time.

How to treat Psoriasis at home? Need to know what factors cause a pathological condition, you try to avoid them — this is one of the best ways to help to control and prevent worsening of the pathology.

The following recommendations will help you ease during the process:
  • You are using the moisturizing Lotion. The symptoms of the disease worsen if the skin is dry, and therefore keep you hydrated with the help of creams and lotions. Thick and oily medium (for example, on the Basis of Vaseline) are often the best because they perfectly keep the moisture under the skin.
  • Avoid cold and dry weather. Adverse climate can have a big impact on the psoriasis, weighing clinical Manifestation of the condition.
  • Restrict the intake of certain medications. You should check with your doctor alternatives for the treatment of Lithium (used for mental health disorders), propranolol and other Beta-discuss diseases blockers (cardiovascular), indomethacin (Arthritis) and Anti-malarial agents. Also psoriasis can occur if there is a sudden discontinuation of steroid therapy.
  • Avoid infections, injuries, scratches, and cuts. It is obvious that the majority of people it is not the intention of self-harm. But for patients with Psoriasis especially important to avoid impact and cutting injuries. Injury to the skin, the activation of the process may cause at the site of injury . The infection may also be an exacerbation of the disease induce. Be very careful when shaving. You can avoid insect bites, acupuncture and Tattoos.
  • The reduction of Stress. Try to lower the level of emotional experience. This is easier said than done, but there are some things to help in the situation. You will practice relaxation techniques-try Yoga. Not superfluous the consultation of the psychotherapist is.
  • You Eliminate Alcohol. The connection between alcohol and Psoriasis isn't completely clear, but it is believed that alcohol can worsen drinks symptoms, at least in men. Alcohol also does not allow that in the treatment of diseases.
  • Exercise, eat well and maintain a healthy weight. In General, we recommend a balanced diet with a high proportion of fruit and vegetables. Sports can also help improve your mood. Often obesity worsens the symptoms of Psoriasis, so maintaining a normal weight can help to prevent the exacerbation.

The people's recipes for psoriasis

Folk remedy in Psoriasis are very varied, and confusing the patient. In the fight against the disease natural medicines such as have proven:

  1. Vinegar (9%) and iodine. One of the easiest drugs for psoriasis at home. In the first week to psoriatic Element you need to soaked a bandage catering in vinegar, in the course of the day. The fabric must be submerged in regular intervals extended in vinegar. Next week will be respected, the same principle, but this time the dressing should be moistened with iodine. If required, two-week course, you can repeat a month later.
  2. Horsetail. The plant can be achieved as a "bath" for 15-20 minutes: that the Infusion of 200 grams of herb to 1 Liter of boiling water. In the course of the day you can also drink tea made of horsetail. The course is 2-3 months.
  3. Propolis. The medicine should inside: 1-2 grams of the pure substance without food for 2-3 months. At the site of injury may be superimposed on the Home ointment: necessary for their manufacture 500 grams of Butter and 50 grams of Propolis.
  4. Natural Carrot Juice. For 3 months you need a day drink a glass of juice. The effect is manifested in the improvement of the properties of the skin.
  5. Tar. This substance is one of the most popular in the treatment of dermatological diseases. The tar is rubbed in will wash off in the affected areas of the skin for half an hour and then. The procedure must be repeated over a longer period of time.
  6. The Core Soap. Psoriatic elements, carefully processed soap, exposure time — 10-15 minutes. The course is not limited, and because the use of this method, it is possible to to the resolution of the pathological process.
  7. Kalanchoe Medicinal Products. The recipe is simple: fresh pulp from the leaves of the plant is months to the Psoriasis Plaques 1-2 times per day, 2-3.
  8. The sea salt. In warm water you need to add about 500-1000 grams of salt; take a bath for 20 minutes. After bathing it is important not to accept, so that the skin itself is dry. The method can be appreciated both during the acute as well as during Remission for the prophylaxis.
  9. Copper sulfate. 100 G copper sulfate and 3 tablespoons of normal potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) to add to 1.5 liters of water. Cotton swab soaked in this solution gently fits to pathological rashes; the exposure time is 4 hours. The therapeutic course is 10 days.
  10. The Blue Clay. Vinegar with blue clay diluted in a ratio of 3:1, and then it will be large (preferably sea) salt. You will need the completion to the oily consistency of the cream. Paste is on the damage to 6 hours.
  11. The blend of chamomile and nettle, after the use of Shampoo, which is able to penetrate the skin to soothe, the itching and dandruff to eliminate, you should, after washing the hair on the head. The addition of vermouth is characterized by a higher disinfection of the skin. The method can be carried out continuously, as a prophylactic and curative task.

Method for the treatment of Psoriasis at home are varied. The only thing that is important is the application of common sense to the principle of "What if?". This is especially true in relation to some informal tips from the well-known method, which threatens the condition of the patient, even the most effective, is not to apply, because the price has priority over one's own health.

Should not go to extremes. About every popular Tool for the treatment of Psoriasis should immediately consult a doctor, know both the positive aspects and the side effects of the drug.