How to heal Psoriasis?

In this Phase of the development of medicine to cure Psoriasis is still not possible, since the mechanisms of their formation and the symptoms are not well understood. This disease has a chronic character. This means that the periods of Remission changed exacerbations. If you get the right treatment and follow the situation, to extend a maximum of Remission and to minimize the number of exacerbations. In this question an exclusively professional approach. At the first signs of the disease, you must immediately contact a doctor.

The risk of psoriasis

Opinion about psoriasis

The opinion that the psoriasis of the skin brings only an aesthetic discomfort wrongly. The danger of this disease for the whole body not to underestimate. The disease is systemic, which means that it affects all internal organs.

Psoriasis triggered by disturbances in the functioning of the immune system. If not timely treatment to begin, it attracts enormous complications: Psoriasis of the nails can lead to misalignment and a complete loss of the nail plate;

  • the diseases of the liver, the kidneys develop;
  • the platelets appear not hides only the body, but also on the mucous membranes, they can be localized in the urinary bladder, the urethra, what leads to cystitis, Urethritis, Prostatitis;
  • the condition of the joints deteriorates, in the future, there is psoriatic Arthritis;
  • there is the risk of lesion of the nervous system, sometimes on the background of the psoriasis, Polyneuritis, epilepsy, encephalopathy;
  • Enlargement and inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • Heart problems;
  • Diseases of the eye, conjunctivitis, lumbos lens;
  • Palmar-plantar Psoriasis accompanied by pain syndrome, so that the Person hard to perform manipulations with the hands.

Psoriatic papules can appear anywhere on the body. They usually form on the elbows, the knees. Depending on the localization and characteristics of the symptoms of the disease will be made in various ways.

Hormonal and non-hormonal therapy in the treatment of Psoriasis

Healing of Psoriasis is possible the hormonal and non-hormonal therapy. Each of these methods has advantages, but also disadvantages, and specifics of the application.

In the initial stage of the doctors hormone supplements non-prescribe. They work slowly, so you suspect that there is a long course of treatment. With your help, solved uncomfortable symptoms can accompany the disease. Eliminate itching, moisturize the skin, promote the healing of wounds. Such drugs are for the treatment of children.


In advanced forms, either as a non-hormone medication is not the condition of the patient, is improved by hormone therapy. She sees the application of corticosteroids, in the body in the adrenal cortex. Your main task is to normalize metabolic processes.

In the treatment of Psoriasis 2 under types of hormones:

  1. Glucocorticoids normalize glucose syrup exchange. To belong to this group are cortisone, hydrocortisone.

  2. Mineralocorticoid normalize the metabolism of minerals, especially Calcium, sodium and potassium. The most important representatives of aldosterone.

The main advantage of the hormone therapy, this approach helps to quickly cure the symptoms of psoriasis. But these drugs have an active influence on the body, which has many side effects. This applies to both tablets and ointments. Hormones, which are absorbed in the media for topical application to the skin, penetrate into the blood, throughout the body.

Complications that can trigger the hormone-therapy:

  • the development of Diabetes mellitus Steroid-type;

  • the accumulation of salts in the joints, Arthritis;

  • Decrease in the production of potassium, the working of the heart;

  • increased blood pressure; swelling of the body and of the face; increase of level of cholesterol;

  • Malfunction of the kidneys, of the liver; failure of the menstrual cycle;

  • increased blood clotting, thrombosis;

  • neurological diseases; deterioration of the skin;

  • Short Choice Of Body Weight, Obesity.

Hormone therapy can only after prescription by the doctor, that's exactly in compliance with the specified dosage, and no more than the treatment. The dosage of the medication should be reduced gradually.

Never self-medicate, using hormonal drugs. They are strictly contraindicated for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It is important to take into account that some of the hormonal medications are very slowly excreted, so that, if since the hormone therapy, it is less than 2 years, there is a danger of the pathologies of the development of the fruit.

Drug Treatment

Regardless of the stage, and the severe course of the disease for the treatment of Psoriasis to mono-therapy (provides for the appointment of the 1. Medication) or the use of multiple resources. If you need to cure chronic Psoriasis, usually combine medication therapy the inner, to which tablets, injections, drugs, Outdoor events, ointments, lotions, creams, and medicated Shampoos. We will consider drugs, effective in the treatment of various stages of the Psoriasis.

Medicines for internal use

Free you help of psoriasis:


Pills and injections in the acute Phase of the disease. It minimizes the itching and have a sedative effect, normalizing the function of the nervous system. Very effective antihistamines are drugs of a new Generation. They are used when the sleep of the patient to normal.

Cytotoxic drugs

Reduce the activity of the pathological process of cell division, improves the appearance of the skin, promotes the papules disappear.


Improve the condition of the skin in psoriasis. These Vitamin-A derivatives, you need to be careful. Contraindicated when planning a pregnancy and during pregnancy.


Effectively cleanse the body of toxins, that is the ultimate goal in the treatment of Psoriasis, especially if the disease progresses


To develop on the background of the psoriasis infectious diseases, the cephalosporins, penicillins, macrolides, Interferon.

Hepatoprotectors, Enzymes

Required if the psoriasis by disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract


The function of T-lymphocytes, which play a key role in the development of Psoriasis. normalize Drugs such as Cyclosporin-A and sand to prevent immune T-lymphocytes attack healthy skin cells.
It is important to take into account that immunosuppressive drugs are toxic, therefore, apply only to destination the doctor.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

These non-steroidal drugs. They relieve inflammatory processes and negate or minimize pain.

The bioprparate

The development of the modern pharmaceutical industry. You normalize lymphocytes, the activity of T, but these suppress the immune system. The person becomes vulnerable to virus, infections.
In addition, Vitamin have to take complexes.

Medicines for external use

In the early stages is easy to cure Psoriasis special ointments and creams. In the severe Form of the disease, you are a mandatory component of adjuvant therapy, because it can eliminate the max and quickly the symptoms, have a direct effect on the psoriatic papules.

The most effective drugs:

Hormonal ointments and creams


By the content of hormones work after a few applications. Prescribers in the acute Phase of the disease process to reduce inflammation, scaling, itching, suppression of excessive growth of skin cells.

Hormonal drugs have different intensity of action on the organism. With this Option, you are divided into 4 classes:

  • I class contain low concentration of hormones, with a small number of papules, especially if they are in areas of the body with very sensitive skin (face, groin);
  • II class reducing the permeability of the blood vessels, eliminates swelling, itching, inflammation.
  • III class - actively work to quickly eliminate the chronic symptoms of Psoriasis;
  • IV class - belong to the active hormonal drugs, which help in the most advanced forms of Psoriasis. Its active ingredients penetrate quickly deep into the skin

Maximum duration of treatment of hormonal medicines 7-14 days before a gradual reduction in the dose, otherwise you happen to become addicted to the drug.

non-hormone ointments and creams

Improve the condition of the skin, minimize discomfort, and concomitant psoriasis. The main types of these drugs:

  • coal tar made from birch, pine tar, effectively inflammation to fight on the skin, abnormal cell division stop to these medications, the ointment Vishnevsky, as well as intra-alveolar indifferent ointment appear superficial, moisturize and soften the skin, appointed by the progressive stage of the disease, belong to this group of salicylic acid, and zinc ointment;
  • Ointments with solidol be on the Basis of the solidol, soften the surface of the skin, stimulate cell renewal of the Epidermis, antiseptic, and analgesic effect; and ointments containing vitamins stimulate the metabolism, improve the condition of the skin;
  • Ointments, the oil will relieve painful sensation, itching, Peeling stimulate papules psoriatic;
  • Ointments of mustard to be filled on the stationary and the retreating stages of the disease

The advantages of non-hormone you anoint a non-addictive, have no influence on the activity of the endocrine system and other internal organs, is compatible with other drugs.


Medicated Shampoos and treated skin Psoriasis of the head.

With the complex plot, you negate complaints, promote the process of healing of papules, helps the skin to recover. The main varieties of Shampoos:

  • Anti-fungus - removal of the surface of the skin mushrooms to relieve the itching, flaking;
  • Tar - tar is included, which cleanses the skin of dead skin cells, eliminates the itching, relieves inflammation;
  • Healing included ihtiola, salicylic acid, zinc, promote the healing of papules, activating and renewal processes of the skin;
  • Cosmetics - in the composition a small concentration of medicinal components include, therefore, be for the prevention of Psoriasis, and not for the treatment;
  • Children are for the treatment of Psoriasis in a child, therefore, be made from natural ingredients, contain no chemical compounds, fragrances.

Patches of psoriasis


New Tool, applied to the affected skin. In the composition of the oils, Borneol, fluocinonide, which is guaranteed no allergic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, contains

Physiotherapy Treatment

In the treatment of all types of Psoriasis is a high level of effectiveness show, physiotherapeutic treatments. You spend only in a stationary stage of the disease. In the acute Phase of physiotherapy will be used.

You are viewing the most popular treatments:

  1. UV-radiation in dependence on the affected area of the skin applied to zonal or General exposures. Not used in the treatment of summer Psoriasis. The number and duration of treatments will be determined individually.
  2. Electric sleep has a sedative effect, normalizes the activity of the nervous system. Accelerates the healing of papules. 8-10 treatments carried out after 20-60 minutes.
  3. Selective phototherapy (S. F. T) Psoriasis affected areas of the skin wave length of 310-340 Nm. Contributes to a sustained Remission. The duration of treatment is determined individually.
  4. PUVA-therapy is, if in the severe stage of Psoriasis amazed over large areas of the skin. The essence of the procedure to the patient orally photosensitizers, and then go to the irradiation of UV-wave length of 320-400 Nm. Up to 25 sessions. The occurrence of side-effects dryness, itching, redness, pigmentation of the skin, nausea, Hepatitis.
  5. Radio therapy the affected areas of the Epidermis, ultra rays are exposed to-soft or soft x-ray. It eliminates itching and inflammation, accelerates healing. The process is 1 time in 4 to 7 days.
  6. Ultrasonic papules are exposed to waves at a frequency of 800-3000 KHz. To achieve this anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and using the against anti-allergic effect of 8-14 sessions of maximum duration of 15 minutes.
  7. Cryotherapy reduces itching, activates the metabolic processes. The healing papules promote, you need 20-25 the method according to 2-3.5 minutes twice a day.
  8. Magnetic field therapy is suitable for all kinds of diseases, but particularly effective for the treatment of psoriatic Arthritis. The activity of the Central nervous system, normalizes itching, relieves Regeneration promotes the procession of the skin. The duration of treatment is 10-12 sessions to 10 minutes.
  9. Laser therapy is pain-free method, which involves the irradiation of papules Laser, which promotes rapid healing. The number and duration of the procedure, the doctor determines individually.
  10. Baths with sea salt to negate the symptoms of the disease, improves the condition of the skin. For your production needs water 37-37°C, in each Liter of 5 G of salt dissolved. 15-20 days after 15-20 minutes.

For many, the psoriasis healed completely by a comprehensive course of treatment. He proposes that the procedures for the application of the mineral waters, mud, oil and other techniques.