Psoriasis on the head: the photo, the treatment at home, tips

Psoriasis on the head not a danger to the life of the patient. However, often the causes of this disease can trigger the development of many mental health problems, as well as the isolation of the patient in the social society.

Psoriasis on the head

Psoriasis of the scalp is not contagious and is one of the chronic diseases, accompanied, possibly, by frequent relapses. Belongs to the characteristic phenomena are the formation of the psoriatic Plaques of varying size in the hair growth on the head, and the surrounding areas of the skin.

Often this Form is initially in the development of Psoriasis. Later, the rashes can spread all over the body. A major difference to dandruff in the hair on the head of the content in psoriatic Plaques is occur excess amount of sebum production.

Factors in the development of Psoriasis

A clear answer to the question why psoriasis affects the area of the growth zone of the hair on the head, it is impossible, because the etiology of Psoriasis is still not fully understood. But with 100% certainty it can be argued that any Form of psoriasis is not contagious and not transmitted by contact.

The main reason for the development of Psoriasis in the area of the head of hair experts believe a violation of metabolic processes in the body, on the body accelerated cellular division responds.

Comparative data show that the Psoriasis in the area of the head progresses within 5 days, in the time, the standard time of cell-multiplication is about 3 weeks.

According to scientists there are, and solves the causes of the disease of the hair, including:

  • Damage to the skin in the hair growth on the head as a result of mechanical actions;
  • Weakening of the immune system and susceptibility to Stress-situations;
  • poor diet;
  • the reinforcement of the signs and symptoms of Psoriasis on the head is possible, if in the body there are foci of chronic infection;
  • bad habits (nicotine, alcohol);
  • often enough the cause of psoriasis in the hair on the head of functional disorders of the digestive tract are increased;
  • to the development of Psoriasis is a protracted drug therapy (especially when used in the treatment of Steroid medicines are used);
  • sustainable effects of low temperatures on the scalp and hair;
  • Violation of hormone levels (puberty, pregnancy, etc.).

The sudden development of psoriasis on the head in the hair growth most common in patients aged 35 years and genetically inherited Form of Psoriasis, usually occurs after the age of 25.

Symptoms of psoriasis on the head

In the primary Phase of the Psoriasis symptoms may go unnoticed, and in the case of an external examination, the Patient has no significant complaints.

Scalp psoriasis in the advanced stage occurs with the advent of small flaking and itching. In the following symptoms may be added, with the advent of the psoriatic Plaques (on the photo), there are signs of cracking of the skin. Exfoliation gives way to a thickening of the affected psoriasis Sites (on the photo).


With the late treatment of Psoriasis in the area of the head sharp negative symptoms in the Form of active Peeling, and the further Substitution of Plaques scales grayish color. You can occur, not only on the scalp, but all over the body.

The stage of the disease

The method of treatment, and how psoriasis looks on the head, it affects the stage of development of psoriasis:

. In this Phase, each pink papules marked on the head (on the photo), the lead to of the skin, accompanied by intense itching and, in the case of mechanical damage to bleeding. The appearance of the papules is reminiscent of small pimples with well-rounded edges. For this Phase characteristic Symptom of a Psoriasis triad.

This often leads to confusion in some patients, the scales for Psoriasis and over a longer period of time in vain trying to get rid of it with the help of the treatment of dandruff.

This stage of the disease is accompanied by skin rashes not only on the scalp, but also in the area of the ears and of the neck. In rare cases, the Psoriasis symptoms will be meeting in the face (on the photo), such as seborrheic Dermatitis or allergies. If the rash on the scalp is due to the appearance of the "Psoriasis crown".

Psoriasis in the head, accompanied by the advent of the symmetrical, round papules, up to 10 cm in the initial stage is usually not patients seriously perceived, despite the fact that such signs are able to indicate the type of seborrheic Psoriasis manifestations.

The progressive. In this Phase, the emergence of new elements observed. The papules can be classified on the periphery of what is considered to be a Symptom of Kebner.

Stationary. In this Phase, not the development of new lesions marked, but the presence of skin does not disappear on the head.

Regressive. In this Phase, symptoms of Psoriasis in the hair will begin to slowly be neutralized grew on the head. This Phase is characterized by a Symptom Voronov (bright rings around the papules in the area of the head).

Psoriasis Head

In the development of severe symptoms may be a complete defeat Plaques of the skin in the hair growth on the head. The shed will be much thicker and bigger. The serious stage of Psoriasis is an indication for the exemption from the conscription, since the army will only aggravate the severity of the symptoms.

Psoriasis in childhood

Psoriasis in children atypically may extend, so that the parents can not recognize the first symptoms of the psoriasis. In children Psoriasis redness of the skin manifests itself on the head and in the area of the wrinkle, which is created later, the maceration and the separation of the dead particles of the Epidermis. Often the symptoms of psoriasis are Candidiasis, diaper dermatitis, and eczematids resemble.

The younger the child, the atypically developed the initial symptoms of psoriasis. Sometimes psoriatic lesions appear in a child if the child is to give some kind of cure. In children in contrast to adults, psoriasis will be extended. To fight with him, use a specific treatment. The exception to this is the Teardrop-shape of the Psoriasis is a simple Phase in the child.

Often enough negative skin symptoms provoked by incorrect nutrition, so that the diagnosis of Psoriasis in children in the first place, the doctor finds out, — it is noted whether the diet and what food is available in the menu of the child. After receiving the answers to your questions diet can be adjusted individually.

For the rapid removal of external manifestations of Psoriasis forms of pharmacotherapy is necessary. Quickly the pathogenic process and the condition of the skin to repair and the hair can Cape with the Spray and lotions for external application, e.g., Skin. in compliance with the instructions Spray safe for children and pregnant women. The advantage of these drugs is the possibility of a combination of Spray with other remedies. In addition, Spray Skin-Cap does not contain any hormonal components. The price of the drug, on average, amounts to 1600 € depending on the Region of residence of the patient.

The treatment of psoriasis on the head

Many patients with a similar diagnosis interested in the question of how to get out of the Psoriasis on the head? Treatment of Psoriasis of the scalp holds special events:

  • drug therapy;
  • Outdoor Products (Sprays, Gels);
  • the proper diet;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • the treatment in the resort areas.

Invariable rule, the effectiveness of the treatment is the accompaniment of a knowledgeable professional, since the self-healing of inflicting capable of great harm to the patient.

General therapeutic measures. The treatment of Psoriasis in the scalp is a medication in the following cases:

  • Antihistamine, relieves swelling and itching of the tissue;
Spa rising
  • in General, in the case of psoriasis head, vitamins to increase the resistance and the strengthening effect on the body;
  • for the improvement of the immune system modulators recommended immune;
  • Receiving Retinoids;
  • in severe cases of Psoriasis the symptoms can get rid of skin on the scalp with corticosteroids. Note, however, that in the first-line drugs, the less toxic medication.

At the accession of secondary infection psoriasis can be treated with antibiotics, but these drugs, such as corticosteroids, which means that you can take should to be very careful, as these agents are able to complications to provoke.

External Treatment. For the relief of acute symptoms is recommended in the treatment of external preparations:

  • Ointments keratoplasty;
  • Lotions with Vitamin D3;
  • Lotions with the addition of dithranol;
  • Glucocorticoids (cream) — in the case of serious illness;
  • Shampoos.

Psychotropic drugs. To take into account prior to use of the drug in this group is that they help treat the psoriasis only in the complex with the primary therapy. The most common psychotropic drugs for the effective treatment of Stress and reduction of nervousness in patients.

Must not psychotropic drugs can be used by themselves, as in the treatment of them, maybe the status bar when the traditional medicine of the development of the Psoriasis of the head can be the skin ineffective. Such an action can antidepressants serotonergic. In addition, you can provoke increased hormonal growth, which only increases the symptoms.

Shampoos. Some patients, especially women, are interested in the question of whether to cure Psoriasis on the head with the help of Shampoo?

In the treatment of the disease often enough the following Shampoos used:

  • coal tar;
  • antifungal Shampoos with the addition of ketoconazole;
  • therapeutic Shampoo with joined or salicylic acid;
  • for children.

It must be remembered that for the full course of treatment of Psoriasis symptoms is not enough, you to use only Shampoos, but in the case of the General treatment of Psoriasis in the scalp Shampoos play an important role, through Feedback from patients and doctors.

Physiotherapy. In the complex treatment of psoriatic Plaques can get rid of by the following events:

  • PUVA therapy;
  • UVI;
  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Effect on the psoriatic areas of the Erbium Laser;
  • hemosorbtion;
  • Spa Treatment;
  • Plasmapheresis.

National Treatment. The question of how to get to the psoriasis on the head by people's recipes, it occurs often enough. From ancient times healers to help the sick with medicinal plants. Note that, as the primary method of treatment of the symptoms of Psoriasis of the scalp, by the people, recipes should not be. They are effective only in combination with the traditional treatment.

It is important to remember that the drugs are able to provide, sufficiently strong effect on the head area, which may trigger skin irritation. Therefore, before starting treatment you must consult with your doctor.

The most frequently used the following recipes for the treatment of Psoriasis:

  • at home, celandine and recipes with his participation are often used. You can Infusion cooking wholesome. To do this, you should grind with the greater celandine (300 gr), in a meat grinder, then Squeeze out all the juice. Then, in the celandine dry red wine (30 ml) added. The mixture is cooked psoriatic land must lubricate on the head, so that it is washed for a maximum effect for a minimum of 15-20 minutes, after which the remains of the mixture;
  • it is recommended, prepare a solution of celandine on alcohol. To do this, you have to let the crushed dry celandine (¼ V.) with 0.5 liters of alcohol, so that 2-3 hours. Produced in medium to wash the area affected by psoriasis, then you should have your hair rinse Infusion of chamomile;
  • at home you can use the ointment from solidol (300 gr.), 2 Egg Protein, 1 Tbsp. L. honey and 1 tbsp. L. ground celandine. It is recommended to lubricate the mixture of the head area of Psoriasis 1 p. (in the morning) over the course of 5 days, after that, you want a little break;
  • Psoriasis of the scalp well neutralized with the help of ointments, cooked at home Vaseline + ash from the branches of the dog rose) (in a ratio of 1:1. This means you should lubricate the head every day. The positive effect of the treatment appears after 7 days. An important requirement of such a treatment, the daily wash of the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hair with the addition of cleaning agents, tar;
  • traditional recipes suggest to cook the ointment for the head, with celandine, horse sorrel and birch tar, in equal proportions. Solution is 1 p. per day, no more than 20 minutes and you can get rid of effectively, psoriatic manifestations on the scalp. Note that this ointment is highly effective and is not recommended its application in the night.