Scalp Psoriasis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Psoriasis is a pathology of the skin, which is characterized by a chronic course with periodic exacerbations. Currently, this Form of the disease is the most common. He is accompanied by characteristic symptoms, can diagnose the experts without the use of Instrumental and laboratory methods of the disease. Despite the fact that Psoriasis of the scalp does not assume any risk of life for the patient, it complicates your life.


the causes of psoriasis scalp

Psoriasis is incurable and until the end of unexplored disease. For many years, scientists from different countries of the world have run various tests to determine the causes of the development of the disease. Today, the exact etiology of Psoriasis has not succeeded, as a bad inheritance. The scientists were able to prove that this disease is genetic and develops in people under the influence of triggering factors. There are a variety of internal and external factors, the development of this Form of psoriasis.

Therefore, the following include:

  • The transferred disease, the infectious etiology.

  • Stressful situations, constant Psycho-emotional tension.

  • Violation of the rules and eating habits.

  • Unfavourable climatic conditions (accommodation in the cold regions).

  • Abuse of alcohol (including Smoking).

  • Pathology of the developing countries, in the organs of the digestive tract.

  • The lengthy intake of medicines.

  • Damage to skin: chemical, thermal, mechanical.

  • Disruptions of such systems such as the endocrine, immune.

Forms of the disease

Form psoriaza

Hairy lick Psoriasis can come in two forms:

  1. Easy. The people in the layers of the skin of the head appear to be individual lesions small in size. The surface of the psoriatic Plaques covered with small scales.

  2. Hard. In the case of the people completely affects the skin. On the scalp there is a large accumulation of psoriatic Plaques, which have large dimensions, density structure and large shed.

Modern medicine distinguishes between different stages of development of this pathology of the skin:

  1. Stationary. In patients in the process of the development of the disease is not new psoriatic Plaques appear, but the old rashes do not disappear.
  2. The progressive. In this stage, people have to beat existing psoriatic Plaques go outside the skin of the head and frontal Zone, the ears, neck area, etc. in Parallel, new rashes, alongside, enhances the symptoms.
  3. Regressive. In patients in this stage of the current disease gradually the characteristic symptoms disappear. On the site of the Psoriasis Plaques of pigment spots.

Localization of lesions

Localization of lesions

The Psoriasis is a skin disease, diagnosed almost 60% of the people to a dermatologist with complaints of manifestation of characteristic symptoms. If the disease is not treated in time, then the people are confronted with serious complications.

In the rule, will appear in this Form of the disease Psoriasis Plaques in the following areas:

  • Affects the skin, the skin above and behind the ears. Lesions apply to the roast.
  • Psoriatic Plaques covered the occipital part and frontal area.
  • Affects skin on the back of the neck.
  • Psoriatic lesions appear in the rows between the hairs.


The first signs of the development of this Form of pathology are skin the characteristic rash on the head. People who notice yourself any rash should be immediately to a medical facility for advice. You should not try to, independently, is a local treatment, as severe complications.

In General, this Form of psoriasis is being developed in phases:

  1. First of all, provide the skin papules, with a tint of pink. Their surface contains flakes. Pretty soon your Transformation in psoriatic Plaques. In a very early stage of the current suffering, people do not notice more pronounced symptoms. Many patients do not have the necessary attention to sporadic outbreaks. In the development of the pathology of the skin layers, the peeling appears, often accompanied by irritation and itching.

  2. In the next step, an inflammation develops, irritation increases and intensifies the itching. Patients begin to comb lesions, because of what appear on their places, wounds, abrasions, and cracks.

  3. With the progression of the pathology of the Psoriasis progression-increase Plaques in the size, its structure compacted, and the surface is always rough. In patients, the removal of the shed is done, because of what collects in the hair, a large number of scales, a whitish coloring.

  4. In the next step, psoriatic scales quickly grow in size and acquire the appearance of the flakes. Amplifies itching, the patients begin to heavily comb the skin, which leads to a deterioration of the process of the flow of the disease.

  5. Of the skin lose their natural elasticity, and the injured party, even at the slight physical impact. On the patient's head bump will appear, and Plaques covered the whole of the fibrous Zone.

  6. If people take the non-drug treatment, the pathological process may spread to other parts of the body.

In the case of small children, the disease develops as follows:

  1. Originally on the head skin redness appear.

  2. In the next step, the maceration (skin is soft).

  3. Begins to shed, the process of exfoliation psoriatic.

  4. At certain points the focal points ' accumulation of dandruff. If the disease develops in children of the younger age group, then you have to resemble the first symptoms of diaper rash. Many Mamas start to fix this Problem themselves, leading to complications in the course of the disease.

Diagnostic Measures

Methods of treatment of Psoriasis

Before the Patient's skin, a course of drug therapy, the doctor must perform a number of diagnostic measures and disease differ from other skin pathologies, the identical symptoms. In General, on the receipt of the specialist the next series of actions leads to:

  1. Examination of the damaged skin of the skin.

  2. To listen to the complaints of the patient are determined, all of the external symptoms.

  3. The history of pathology.

  4. Studies of psoriatic scales under the microscope.

  5. A biopsy, after which the collected Material on the histological examination.

  6. Laboratory examination of blood assigned.

Treatment methods

After the Patient has psoriasis diagnosed, the specialist explains to him what to treat this disease. In General, for each patient individual scheme of complex therapy, a wide range of activities:

  1. Appointed oral drugs.

  2. The local treatment is.

  3. The Patient is on a special diet.

  4. Fizioprotsedury, ordered the courses should take place.

  5. Shows the visit of specialized sanatoria and health resorts, to the practice of therapy through mud and mineral waters.

The medikamentse therapy typically includes the following groups of drugs:

  • Sedation;
  • Antihistamines; and
  • immunomodulator;
  • allergen medicinal products;
  • Vitamin and mineral complex;
  • Retinoids (arom);
  • Drugs, which are applied in the implementation of the immune therapy (non-specific), e.g. Aloe, ATP;
  • Corticosteroids;
  • Cytotoxic drugs.

This category of patients assigned to intravenous infusions gemodeza (solution). Also experts with the appropriate indication, you can specify that the introduction of autologous blood unstabilized (Soda). It should be noted that such drugs, such as cytotoxic drugs, and corticosteroids are not at a severe course of the disease, if lighter drugs brought the expected therapeutic effect. In the case when the skin pathology, beige infection (secondary), then in the course of the therapy to antibiotics include.

Due to the fact that this Form of cutaneous pathology often develops on the background of Psycho-emotional Stress, Stress and nervous disorders, patients prescribed specific drugs from groups normotonikov, anxiolytics, antidepressants.

You have the following action:

  • Normalize Sleep.
  • Eliminate, in whole or in part, anxiety, Depression.
  • Help get rid of the social phobia.
  • Tension and the defense boosts forces the patient to stressful situations.
  • Reduce the intensity of the itch.

Local Therapy

In the treatment of cutaneous pathology, the skin is manifested in the head, dermatologists prescribed to patients medicaments for the external treatment of the lesions:

  1. Ointment (agent). Regular application of such ointments such as salicylic acid, naphthalene, sulphur-tar, joined.

  2. Ointment (glucocorticoid) explained to the patient in the case, if you are experiencing a serious illness.

  3. The drug, in the scope of delivery are different acids in high concentrations. He comes in a pharmacy in the Form of a solution, which is destined for external treatment of the scalp skin.

  4. Special Shampoos, which have a therapeutic effect.

Spa treatments

  1. In the implementation of the adjuvant therapy of Psoriasis patients, various courses in physiotherapy are assigned to: will be Shown, the implementation of the irradiation of skin with ultraviolet light or a Laser (erbium).
  2. Sessions of PUVA therapy, Homo -, hydro-therapy appointed.
  3. It is recommended that the course of the procedures, plasmapheresis, etc.

The people's recipes

the national recipes of treatment of psoriasis

In carrying out the complex therapy of fibrous Psoriasis patients can apply parallel to the old methods. In order to choose for themselves the most effective and safest recipe for every Patient, your dermatologist should. In the fight against this incurable disease the following medical facilities:

  1. The grass celandine (300g), which is strictly washed, dried, and crushed. From the resulting slurry, the liquid must compensate for the dry red wine (30ml) added. The affected skin, this stock should be treated, leave it on for 15 to 17 minutes, then rinse thoroughly under running water to be rinsed.
  2. The boy baskets Sunflower (2 pieces) is necessary to prepare a tincture: you will be crushed, and with white wine (100ml). Capacity closed and there should be days in a dark place for two. Thereafter, from the mixture, wrung out the juice. This healing liquid should lesions the treatment. This recipe is perfect for those patients in whom the Psoriasis symptoms accompanied by inflammation.
  3. Be collected from the inflorescences of the elder (1st.L.), fit in the container and fill with boiling water (450ml). Drag the contents of the crockery should not be less than one and a half hours. Thereafter, the mixture is filtered, and the healing solution for one hour after the meal is half a Cup.
  4. In a Cup of natural honey (1st placed.L.), to be added to the Protein 1piece), a small amount of Shampoo (for children) (. All components are thoroughly mixed, after which the lesions applied. After 25-th-minutes-means you must wash under running water.

How to care of hair?

If a Person is diagnosed with psoriasis, he needs to learn how to properly care in this area. In the case when the patient in compliance with all recommendations, you will be able to achieve good results during the therapy:

  • The scalp wash only with special Shampoos.
  • During the combing of the hair, it is necessary, with the bristles combs, made from natural materials. Manipulation very careful not to hurt psoriatic Plaques, otherwise you infection may get.
  • Daily patients should carry out the disinfection of all instruments, which are used to personal Hygiene.
  • Skin doctors recommend that such patients use a hair dryer, hair coloring, chemical perms, as such actions can cause further damage to the skin.
  • If the disease occurs in a severe Form, the ideal solution is a short hairstyle that will greatly facilitate the external treatment of the skin drugs and hair care.