Psoriasis: symptoms, stages, how to treat them

Psoriasis – a chronic non-infectious skin disease characterized by the Epidermis and accompanied by the appearance of red, pink, purple spots on the skin, palpable Palpation. At the Moment the psoriasis is one of the most studied medical profession diseases, there is a large list of reasons and bring a large number of disorders in the human organism.

The causes of Psoriasis do not have a clear Definition. For three centuries scientists have tried to identify the important cause for the emergence of the disease, in reaffirmation of several versions. The most important conditions for the emergence of the disease divided into two groups:

  • Violation of the cell division;
  • a disorder of the immune system of the body.

These reasons are not guaranteed are the cause of Psoriasis, since almost 50% of the people in whom the Psoriasis disease, have not learned the underlying cause to occur.

Among the reasons identified in the development of the disease trigger:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • Violation of the mineral balance, lack of vitamins, trace elements in the body;
  • Changes in the immune system;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Disorders uneven System and nervous shock;
  • Damage to the skin (burns, scratches, cuts);
  • Virus infections;
  • the application of medicines.

Study of the factors that Dalí defines the beginning of the emergence of psoriasis, the most common causes for disease:

  • Nervous shock;
  • transferred neck pain;
  • Sub-cooling of the body.

The underlying cause of the reveal, what appears to be psoriasis is not yet possible, since the development of the disease an influence of the seasonal changes, environmental factors, and psychological characteristics of the people.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis

The disease manifests itself in the Form of dark violet, red or pink patches on the skin Pokrov, with a colourless, grey, white scales, showered at the friction. Education bear the title of – psoriasis. But the red spots are not the only factor that report on the disease, such as Psoriasis starts in the Form of vesicles, pustules, inflammatory processes of the joints. The most common places in the development of Psoriasis part are those parts of the body such as elbows, knees, hairy, and in places prone to frequent injury.

In the early stages of the disease, the affected area with Psoriasis is compacted in small areas, where grey, pale, white patches to develop, towering above the skin, and palpable to the touch. Scaly Islands are evidence of a short life cycle of skin cells up to 5 days, while the correct and complete cycle of existence of the cage must be 6 times longer.

From the above descriptions, one can easily imagine, such as psoriasis. In the detection of these factors can trigger the Alarm, and the Signal about the development of the disease can show up on Psoriasis photo in the beginning phase of the disease, the first symptoms of the chronic disease.

But it's not even worth to be quick with the diagnosis and prescribe treatment, to avoid deterioration of the process of the disease, in the detection of typical stains, please contact your skin doctor.

Symptoms of Psoriasis, blackjack nails, accompanied by a change in the nail plate, and witnesses of giperkeratoze under the nails. The Psoriasis of the joints, the inflammation and the pain initially the small joints.

The affected area of the body disease usually cause itching, cracking, scratches and bleeding wounds.

In General symptoms of psoriasis depend on the type of the disease and the affected area.



The stage and the nature of the disease

Psoriasis disease can be a chronic Problem of people of all ages. In view of the environmental factors, the life style of the parents and genetic inheritance, more and more often Psoriasis in children.

That's a fact! Psoriasis a non-infectious disease, so do not worry contagious, whether the Psoriasis, but should pay attention to the nature of the disease, history, and consult a doctor for the appointment the disease.

  • the first Phase is characterized by the appearance of small spots on the affected areas, which grow and grow, merge with each other and form larger patches;
  • the stationary Phase occurs after 10-30 days after the onset of the rash. In this stage, the spots and skin rashes small scales covered with pale or grey;
  • regressive stage of Psoriasis accompanied, the pale colour of the scales, and a reduced scrub combined Phase may take several months, during which time the discoloration of the spots and skin rashes, through the correct and proper treatment of skin rashes permanently removed with the skin.

Since the Psoriasis is to heal is very difficult and full recovery – a very rare phenomenon, can go to the disease in the hidden Form that you can develop for decades.

To prevent the latent Form of the disease with the help of the responsible treatment and follow all recommendations of the doctor.

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis-home treatment of witnesses based on the application and the use of special tools, prescribed, proper care for the affected sites of the skin and / or the use of the methods to eliminate the disease and relieve the skin from itching, rash, and unpleasant pain. The application of vitamins for Psoriasis can contribute to a better functioning of the immune system, protective and restorative effect on the body.

In the selection of the method of treatment, should pay attention to the place, the affected with Psoriasis.

Psoriasis of the scalp using special Shampoos, the extremities to treat creams and oils to fight the disease, every Form of disease requires the use of vitamins, additional useful trace elements, the work of the immune system and strengthens the body.

Medicines for psoriasis are:

  • Tablets;
  • Vitamins;
  • oil;
  • Cream;
  • Ointment;
  • Patch;
  • Jabs;
  • Sprays;
  • Lotions;
  • Gels.

Treatment methods

Treatment method

Beeswax psoriasis help the disease with relapses, soothes the skin and have anti-inflammatory effect. For cooking Carcare cream, you need to mix with pork fat Pollen, beeswax, Propolis. All components are mixed and on the stove to heat, bring to a boil, and then be in a closed container. The mixture is on the skin patches three times a day, also inside can be taken 2-3 times daily. Before you let the mixture through a cheesecloth to drain.

Baths in Psoriasis. The pain in Psoriasis is necessary to pay attention to water procedures, which will help to soothe the itching, remove, eliminate swelling and discomfort. In the case of psoriasis herbal baths must be approved, with the water of celandine, chamomile flowers, oak bark, a piece of Propolis, Oregano. It is recommended, herbal baths once in two-three days.

Patches of psoriasis is an effective means for the control of Psoriasis, because in its composition contains oils, Borneol, methyl salicylate. Patches are easy to use and apply up to the date, to the effect to manifest. The patch to the affected skin and has allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-and regenerating effect on the cells of the Epidermis.

Psoriasis-treatment with hydrogen peroxide includes other methods and drugs for the treatment. This method of treatment is widely used in the defeat of the face. Peroxide applied with a cotton ball on the affected skin areas twice daily until the rash disappeared. This method differs efficiency and low cost.

The lamp for the treatment of psoriasis effectively by UV irradiation. Radiation, anti-inflammatory and healing paws make effect on the affected skin.

The efficient oil psoriasis – the oil of black cumin. You use the oil oils recommended with carrots and FIR. Olive oil is also a unique method for the treatment of Psoriasis, moisturizes the skin, causing irritability, swelling, and inflammation. Burdock root affects the Recovery process of inflammatory phases. Apply to the skin for the restoration of the head.

Fatty of Psoriasis – resources for the independent treatment of disease by application of this agent to the inflamed areas. The course of treatment lasts 7 days, fat application must be flush on the stain for an hour, then.

The treatment of folk medicine

The treatment of folk medicine

The treatment of Psoriasis folk medicine, includes a full care at home with tested recipes and herbs. The most effective herbal remedies include wheat grass, copper sulphate, celandine, marsh-root, St. John's wort, burdock root. Medicinal herbs in equal proportions, mixed with boiling water, welded and within 6 minutes. The resulting Infusion is filtered. Liquid-cooled, RUB the inflamed areas. Natural remedies, you need to know, how to treat Psoriasis at home.

The most effective recipe of Psoriasis contains a tincture made from 4 tablespoons of the root of greater celandine, the grind, and 0.5 liters of alcohol. The ingredients are mixed, a mixture of black spots on the skin of the patient.

Reviews about the treatment of the Psoriasis listed options you will find on the Internet services, in Blogs and forums, where the positive and negative aspects of methods of treatment.

Nutrition and diet

Diet for psoriasis has a direct influence on the course of the disease, its treatment and development. To avoid deterioration of the disease, the man from the diet needs to eliminate foods that can trigger an allergic reaction. Diet for Psoriasis includes the use of alcoholic drinks, oily and spicy foods, preservation, savoury, citrus fruits. The food must be distributed over 4-5 meals in small portions, the maximum permissible and useful ingredients: plant-based foods, cereals, dairy products, vegetable oils.

The popular diet — a diet after the meals are distributed on 4 stages.

  • Stage 1: the stage of purification of the body with water, fruits and vegetables. The Phase lasts for 2 to 4 days.
  • Level 2: level, the power cable must to a greater extent from fruit, plenty of drink, the food to be added to, Lecithin granules, you eat 5-times per week up to three times per day. A part of the products used in the treatment of psoriasis should be grass and Protein products, dairy products, eggs, infusions and teas. But you should not be much.
  • Step 3: add in the life style physical exercises, and small loads.
  • 4 Phase: in this Phase, a basic and important exercise for the patient regular visits to a beautician.

To combat the disease, it is recommended in the diet of tea of the psoriasis, the in the first the herbal. A popular tea that helps to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and to remove inflammation, is the monastery of tea, the plants, the large list of healing.

Find signs of psoriasis, what to do in the first place, to consult a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis and aim of treatment.