the first Phase of Psoriasis photo

Because Psoriasis manifests itself at an early stage, you ask!? Wave-shaped course of Psoriasis by systematic modification of certain phases in its Manifestation, development, and history. Psoriasis has 4 stages of its development: the first Phase (early Phase) the Progressive Phase, Stationary Phase, Retrogressive stage. Psoriasis at an early stage: photo on hands and feet the first symptoms of the Psoriasis at the beginning of stage select, appear small papular elements, epidermal-dermal in nature (see below in the photo).

In the early stages of the Psoriasis papules on the photo to see the small, pinhead, in the Form of Semi-spheres formations pink color with a smooth, shiny surface. A few days later they are covered with silvery-white scales that can be easily removed. Such phenomena is called a point-Psoriasis.

Psoriasis at an early stage by the appearance of new, small elements of the psoriasis or the growth of existing first signs of psoriasis.

As shown, the first Phase of Psoriasis photo

Further, the Progressive Phase, during which the growth and Fusion of skin rash. The first signs of the advanced stage is the detachment, which affects only the Central part of the elements, so that peripheral pink rosary beads -a Symptom of the growth of psoriatic cells. The second character of the progressive stage is the presence of the phenomenon of isomorphic Psoriasis reaction (Symptom Kebnera). It consists in that during application of the lesions on the affected skin of the patient after 7-8 days in this place, exactly in the intended configuration of the injury, appears to be the typical Psoriasis Element.

as shown, the first Phase of Psoriasis photo

Practically the presence of the phenomenon Kebnera is Linear with Psoriasis-elements, after injury, e.g. after scratching severe itching, etc. Finally, in the advanced stage the patients feel itching of varying intensity, which is generally not typical for the other stages of the process. The duration of the advanced stages of the individual. In General there is a Progressive Phase lasts from 2 weeks to several months. Just at this time, the best non-hormonal ointment of psoriasis as a prevention for further treatment.

The stationary Phase of Psoriasis replaced progressive, and can last for an indefinite period of time. You go in the last, retrogressive Phase of Psoriasis or transform in the progressive. Its characteristic features are the completion of the emergence of new elements are: the case of dermatosis and stop the growth of existing Plaques.

In this Phase exfoliation, increases you win the typical character and covers the entire surface of the element. In half of the patients, a so-called pseudo-atrophic whisk Voronov developed. It is on elements of the periphery, a narrow (1-2 mm) edge slightly discolored skin and easy folding appears to be in this, on the very edge, reminiscent of crumpled tissue paper.

the stationary Phase psoriasis

Retrogressive Phase of Psoriasis is a closing stage of the Psoriasis cycle. It is characterized by a decrease of desquamation, the progressive flattening of the elements in the middle, and their subsequent full-resolution. In this case, the pattern of various shapes (arc, trapezoid, rings).

In this case, Psoriasis is geographical. Perhaps another way of resolution of the elements, he begins with the periphery of the element. No scarring or atrophy were not formed. On-site elements, Hyper-pigmentation, or areas without Pigment (Psoriasis-psevdoleykoderma) can occur. These changes are of a temporary nature. It is necessary to notice that such a division is largely arbitrary. In some cases, it is difficult to install immediately stage of the process. In this case, the diagnosis of Psoriasis is according to the observation of the patients.