Treatment, symptoms and causes of psoriasis on the elbows (photo)

Psoriasis on the elbow is a fairly common Form of the disease. The statistics show that the frequency of occurrence of psoriasis on the elbows higher in middle aged people. The most important feature of the symptoms of the disease psoriatic lesions on the extensor surfaces of the hands.

Psoriasis on the elbows

Symptoms of psoriasis on the elbows

In the case of Psoriasis on the elbows treatment should start immediately, until the disease turned into a serious and complex Phase.

There are certain symptoms which enable it to find the time to heal on the elbow signs of the disease, and as quickly as possible Psoriasis.

  • In the case of psoriasis elbow photo patients to understand clearly that this part of the hands inflammatory skin rashes, which have different diameters;
  • Rashes prone to peripheral growth;
  • The first Phase is accompanied by the fact that the elbow is covered by sporadic skin rashes;
  • If you don't start to treat the disease, the individual tiles will merge into a bigger formation at the elbow;
  • On the surface, Ellen silver appear-coloured scales, which are easily removable low mechanical influences;
  • When scraping Plaque on the elbows, to remove a thin film, under the area of the skin, the Pink-red hue. A drop of blood can Tau, which as a phenomenon of the red;
  • Sometimes on the elbows papules appear with rubber holder around, and without scales;
  • The disease is characterized by Ellen waves occur, then an aggravation may occur, Remission and re-aggravation;
  • In the formation of diffuse lesions, Ellen, and the lack of appropriate treatment, launched in the stage of Psoriasis. Cure, long-term Form of the disease is problematic;
  • Sometimes an illness that the Patient is not treated, is a Manifestation of the Arthritis complicated;
  • When Ellen and effective treatment can be started to get rid of all the symptoms of psoriasis can use for 1-2 months;
  • Most people will notice a Psoriasis on the elbows, the presence of itching;
  • How to treat Psoriasis on the elbows? Cure this disease is not possible. But when to treat is then to properly allocate, as a Psoriasis, and the regulations of the doctor, the disease can be in Remission for a long time in a state of.


Upon the occurrence of psoriasis on the elbows how to treat it and use it, can only say a doctor. To do this, you need to possible reasons which woke up to identify this disease.

The true reasons for why appear psoriasis Ellen, which have not been previously identified. But there are factors to the awakening of the disease. This is believe due to the fact, that the disease is passed on hereditary nature of the disease, the predisposition from Generation to Generation.

You can start the mechanism of development of psoriasis on the elbows:

  • The presence of a genetic predisposition in combination with external and internal influences;
  • Disorders of systems for the metabolic processes;
  • "The Problem," in endocrine system;
  • Prolonged or heavy exposure, experience, and nervous shock;
  • Problems with the immunity;
  • The wounds may be present on the skin to mechanical damage — scratches, bruises and cut.

Methods of treatment of Psoriasis, Ellen

To get rid of psoriasis on the elbows, inner sides of certain efforts and patience. The disease does not heal to the quick. Plus, you need to time your shutter and strict compliance with all regulations and instructions of the physician concerning the authorisation of medicinal products.

How to heal this disease of the elbows? For this purpose we recommend the use of methods of the complex influences on the disease. A complete treatment consists of several methods, each of which has its own peculiarities.

  1. Local Therapy. The use of medicinal ointments, creams or lotions. This means of the local effects necessarily designed to go together with your skin doctor. In the early phase of the disease, it is recommended to handle by simple medication, in the stock of missing hormones. They have no side effects and virtually no contraindications except hypersensitivity. And hormonal ointments potentially dangerous, if you break down the instructions for their use. Hormonal medications are not only in acute phases, when other medication can help.
  2. Vitamins. Intake of Vitamin-complex plays a major role as agents for the treatment of psoriasis. In order to determine that the body of the missing substances, the corresponding analyses. On the basis of which the doctor will prescribe a specific Vitamin rubs-complex. Miss vitamins also do not need to, because otherwise their properties with unpleasant consequences for the body.
  3. Diet. The diet is the Basis for a successful recovery. There are many special diets and developments in the nutrition of the patient during the psoriasis. Again and again, people have the style of psoriasis is lost, just passing on a healthier life, without the use of harmful and potentially harmful food from the diet.
  4. Photo chemotherapy. The corresponding procedures are usually performed in a hospital. They are different and are depending on the current condition of the patient.
  5. Physiotherapy. The prerogative is a stationary Spa treatment, but it can be applied in the treatment at home. List of physiotherapeutic procedures and the frequency of their implementation is up to the doctor.
  6. The Folk Medicine. Not a home remedy proven their value in the treatment of various forms of the disease. Because many use the popular recipes, bought prefer ointment. Homemade ointment can be worse than drugs. But their use is absolutely necessary to co-ordinate with your doctor. If he approved the method chosen by you, and you can increase in connection with the drugs, the appointed expert, the effectiveness of comprehensive treatment of seriously.

It is important to understand that the self-healing often leads to serious complications, the cure is much more expensive and it takes a tremendous amount of time. You must a minimum of interference with the hormonal ointment, injection and a series of extremely unpleasant and sometimes painful.

In order to prevent the deterioration of their condition elbow in psoriasis, it is recommended that the doctor's instructions to keep and follow certain measures for the prevention of disease.


The appearance of psoriasis on the elbows you have to touch on is the only right idea — the immediate treatment. If you managed to overcome the disease and translate psoriasis on your elbows in the state of Remission, the duration of this time can increase area significantly.

To do this, follow the simple rules of the prophylaxis of Psoriasis.

  • Minimize the number of stressful situations, experiences, and nervous breakdowns;
  • Keep to the allocated skin doctor and nutritionist diet. If you know the characteristics of his body and knowledge in the absence of allergies to certain foods, you can even diet design according to the methodology Pegano;
  • You can increase the duration of sleep. During sleep the body effective Psoriasis is fought. The duration of sleep should be 8 hours;
  • To eliminate try, completely alcohol and Smoking. It is not only a positive effect on psoriasis elbows, but also save you from a lot of other problems;
  • Spend preventive measures for the prevention of psoriasis on your elbows;
  • Protect your skin elbows against chemical and mechanical damage.

Psoriasis has a pretty unpleasant disease, the treatment of time-and labor-intensive. But ignore the serious consequences of heavy.