How to cure psoriasis in the face fast and without consequences?

Dear Readers, Hello. In today's article I will tell you about the psoriasis on face and its treatment. Many of these disease hinders to live, to communicate with other people, provides a lot of discomfort, both physical and moral.

I'm going to teach you to fight with the symptoms of the disease, so as long as you can keep it in Remission stage (unfortunately, it is incurable). I must say that prior to the application of any national or drug, you must consult a doctor, otherwise you can only exacerbate the Problem.

Want to get rid of Plaques in the face? Then you read carefully and remember.


Psoriasis in the face: what to start treatment

When you recognize the first signs of the disease, you need to see a doctor-dermatologist who will prescribe the correct therapy. Important an integrated approach, in strict compliance with all the recommendations, otherwise all your efforts will go down the "Creek".

In General, drug treatment includes such types of therapy:

  • System;
  • Local;
  • Light therapy;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Folk medicine.

It is also important to follow a diet.

Each will describe these methods in more detail.

Systemic therapy for severe stage of the disease

  • Psoriasis symptoms on the skin of the face can be cured with the following righting leather skin medications;
  • Swelling and itching are antihistamines drugs;
  • Good reviews received the medium with succinic acid. This is the solution for infusion, the improvement and the restoration of cellular immunity, the supply of oxygen to the cells, enhanced the anti-oxidative properties;
  • If these methods do not help, it is immunosuppressants. She writes of the doctor. Apply it exactly according to the instructions, since they have negative consequences.

Also such drugs may be prescribed:

  • The termination of the inflammation, causing itching;
  • a drug that blocks the process of the growth of the cells. Have to accept it once in the week. The drug is of a physician. The Side Effects;
  • Drugs to reduce with relapses;
  • Drugs that regenerate cells. Also the production of collagen is activated;
  • Vitamins for the General support of the body;
  • Folic acid, Leveling-pigmentation and cleansing of the skin.
Psoriasis in the face

Local Therapy

To quickly reduce the symptoms of Psoriasis is assigned to, creams, gels, solutions, ointments for external application. The most effective are ointments that softens the skin, eliminating the psoriatic Plaques, which relieves ointment inflammation, and with an anti-septic ointment, disturbing effect.

The treatment with the help of the means of nonhormonal

These agents are often prescribed in the treatment of psoriasis in the face as an extra, because they reinforce the effect of drugs. These medicines are used only by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease. The symptoms of the disease are not able to fix it.

Hormonal creams and ointments

You can eliminate the outward signs of psoriasis and inflammatory process, appointed hormone preparations. This only makes the doctor, as these have a lot of contraindications, side-effects and may not be for a longer time applied.


Since psoriasis is often a Stress, to assign sedatives. This can be team of an extract of Valerian, heart and other tranquilizers.

To strengthen the immune system, taking vitamins groups E, D and A.


It includes several procedures, the appointed depending on the severity of the disease:

  • Laser treatment helps against inflammation of a local character. To treat often this method skin rash on the eyelids;
  • UVI, promotes the Regeneration of the uppermost epidermal layers. Using this method, you can can psoriasis sink into a deep Remission;
  • Magnetic field therapy, improves cell regeneration and metabolism activation;
  • Electro-sleep, which had a great positive effect on the mental state of the patient. Often enough, 8-15 method according to 20-60 minutes each;
  • Ultrasound treatment will reduce itching, inflammation, pain;
  • PUVA-therapy is rarely used for the treatment of Psoriasis in the face and head because it to of the neoplasms;
  • Phototherapy, increases the production of Vitamin D, the Regeneration of the tissue.
National Treatment

National Treatment

To reduce the acute symptoms of Psoriasis in combination with the above measures can be treated by folk remedies. It can be easily used at home. Apply effective skin as a mask for the face and head:

  • Saline solution using salt from the dead sea. They breed in thermal water with a damp cloth in the solution and apply to the face;
  • Has proven itself to be a mask with protect with grease, and the birch-tar. Mix, apply in equal proportions, these substances and gentle on the location of the lesion. Survive for 20 minutes, wash, apply a moisturizer;
  • Try the mask with the addition of essential oils: Shea butter, lavender, juniper, Jojoba, coconut, evening primrose evening primrose. You can mix them. Need to apply it only selectively to the inflammation;
  • Some of the leaves of the Aloe endure a week to chop in the fridge, and overlay the resulting slurry to the face for half an hour;
  • Well inflammation chamomile relieves. Boil the broth, then the napkin will fall in it and put it on half an hour on the face.


Homeopathic remedies are assigned together with the primary therapy. The good effect of the outer medium.

Proper nutrition

If you follow the recommendations of the doctor, but not a diet that you will not be able to get rid of the symptoms of Psoriasis. There is a certain list of foods that you must exclude from your diet:

  • Chocolate and other sweets;
  • Salted, smoked, fatty foods;
  • Citrus fruits;
  • Whole milk;
  • Muffin and spices;
  • Nuts.

The main thing - it is the right balanced diet is linked to many the ballast. You Eat Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Beans, And Cooking Oil. Sweet, replace dried fruit, fresh fruit.

Here is what should necessarily be present on your Desktop:

  • Pearl Barley, Semolina;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Fish;
  • Cabbage;
  • Seaweed;
  • All The Greens;
  • Vegetables in fresh Form;
  • Sour-Milk Products.

Tips for the care of the face

  1. To not disguise it try to Plaques in the face of fat-containing cosmetics. They are not easy to clog the pores, allowing the skin to breathe. This can aggravate the course of the disease;
  2. Wash your face with a special Mousse, gels, foams, designed for sensitive skin. The main thing — after washing, let the skin dry naturally, do not wipe it with a towel;
  3. Can wash it several times a day, herbal decoction, which can help the itching is to relieve and swelling. This is a number of, sage, chamomile, Calendula and other can;
  4. Be sure to use a moisturizer, especially in summer;
  5. Avoid rooms with high humidity;
  6. Men should use electric shavers instead of the usual machine;
  7. They protect the face from dust and wind.

Now, dear reader, you understand how to eliminate signs of the disease? If you are doing everything right, is the General treatment you will take a few months for less serious illness, and then long suffering will not interfere. The main thing, listen to your doctor and follow everything he has to say.