What is the psoriasis to do in the event of aggravation

The causes for the deterioration of the disease can lead to a variety of factors. Experts claim that the same reasons for the Psoriasis occurs can be used. Not to prove you made the connection between the one or the other factor, and the development of the pathology. There are only assumptions about possible causes:

  • Emotional stress, psychic experiences, including positive.
  • Improper diet, through the consumption of food allergens, alcohol, caffeine.
  • Hormonal fluctuation in the body. It is the time of pregnancy, diseases of the endocrine system can provoke.
  • The weakening of immunity as a result of infectious diseases.
  • A Negative impact on the skin, household chemicals, injury to the dermis.
  • Long or incorrect taking of medication. As a cause for exacerbations, antibiotics, immune modulators, anti-depressants can.
  • The change of climatic conditions, seasonal transitions.

Often the causes of exacerbation remain unclear. Deterioration of the skin, the observance of all rules of prevention.

Symptoms of a relapse

The first acute symptoms manifest themselves in different parts of the body in the Form of red spots on the background of dry skin. Plaques form on the head, the elbows, the feet, the palms of the hands and other areas. Externally papule rash are similar, with clear boundaries about 1.5 – 2 cm in diameter. The top spots covered with a whitish or gray scales covered, with the time increasing in size.

While the pathology stains grow, the lesions reach a size of the palm of your hand. Accompanied by redness itching. Try scratching scales leads to an increase in their number. This function was the reason for this is that the Psoriasis is called psoriasis.

In medical practice, for the description of the symptoms of the disease with such a term, such as psoriatic triad:

  • Formation on the skin stearic place. The skin because of the strong scaling externally very similar to stearic acid, hence the name of the phenomenon.
  • When radi all flakes thin smooth surface exposed to the so-called Terminal-foil. Film easily damaged, often bleeding.
  • Bloody dew, the appearance of blood in the case of damage to the film. Bleeding carries more insignificant character.

The availability of the triad is the most important Symptom of the disease, the diagnosis of psoriasis with a large probability.

The disease is not always a typical course. Sometimes, atypical forms of Psoriasis diagnosed. These include:

  • Pustular, accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the skin in the area of the rash. Tiles covered in blisters (pustules) filled with exudate.
  • Psoriasis nails – the defeat of nail plates of the Person, the nails change the color, the shape. Often the pathology is confused with a fungus, such as externally pathology similar.
  • Intertriginous – appears in the folds of the body (armpits, groin, chest). A feature of this type is to replace no, Dermis, smooth, inflamed, and painful.
  • Warty – occurs on the inner side of the wrists, ankle joints. Plaques are round character, often corrupt, bleeding. In advanced stages the risk of transfer lesions developed itself in a malignant Form of education.
  • Seborrheic – often localized on the scalp. The skin in the hairline recovered dense crusts on the ears, the neck.
  • Psoriasis-Arthritis – defeat of joints, changes in their shape. The inflammatory process extends to the bone and ligaments of the human.

The most dangerous kind of erythrodermic Psoriasis. This type is accompanied by the spread of lesions on large areas of the body, severe itching, inflammation. In the absence of treatment of a pathology it is a threat of death.

Worsening of psoriasis after birth and during pregnancy

According to the statistics, in many cases, women that suffer from psoriasis, confronted with relapsed pathology during the incubation of the child significantly less often. Often during pregnancy, the primary cases.


Aggravation of the symptoms in women are dependent on the type and Form of pathology. The most dangerous are considered pustular Psoriasis erythroderma and generalized Form of the disease. In the later stages of pregnancy this is can be diagnosed with a dangerous type of the disease, such as gerpetiforman Impetigo.

In the process, pustules groups appear in the folds of the skin, sometimes localized in a circle. The skin becomes inflamed, swells, and hurts. There are cases, when the pathology is for the mucous membranes of the people. The consequence of such a condition is not rare, the threat of interruption of pregnancy.

The causes for the deterioration in pregnant women occur:

  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Stress;
  • the weakening of the immunity.

Women with Psoriasis recommended planning a pregnancy, carefully observing preventive measures, and proper nutrition prior to conception. So you can avoid a relapse during the sensitive period and after the birth of a child.

Remove worsening of psoriasis

Faced with the pathology, patients, the question is how fast worsening of psoriasis lose weight at home interested? To cope with the disease with a comprehensive approach, the following methods:

  • The drug therapy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • The right diet.
  • Folk medicine.

Method of treatment the doctor selects after the examination of the patient and the diagnosis of the pathology. Self-healing is extremely dangerous for your health.

The treatment of relapse drugs

Drug treatment in case of exacerbation of Psoriasis consists of the use of the funds for the external order quantity (ointments, creams, gels, lotions, Shampoos) and medication in the Form of tablets, injections. The tactics of the therapy depends on the symptoms of the disease and the General health condition of the patient.

The application of ointments

Worsening of psoriasis remove at the first signs of the disease with the help of ointments. The medium for the external application to penetrate into the Dermis, thus reducing the therapeutic effect. Ointments have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, regenerating, exfoliating effect. All medicines are drugs used in the hormonal and non-hormonal.

Non-hormonal ointments have a less pronounced effect, their effect occurs after 3 – 7 days after the first application. On the positive side, the means of the relative security, the lack of effect of the repeal and habituation, the minimum number of side effects.

Non-hormonal ointment for psoriasis:

  • Coal tar drugs have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Tar is widely used in modern medicine and cosmetics. The special performance is the difference between the drugs, the sulfur, salicylic acid and tar.
  • Ointments on the Basis of solidol'. Far medical fat and in folk medicine widely used.
  • Ointments on the Basis of zinc. Have to affected skin areas a binder, dried, antiseptic, regenerating. The active component is a zinc oxide. Sometimes an allergic reaction to the components of the medium in the case of patient manifests itself.

Despite the apparent safety of drugs, use non-hormonal ointment is recommended only on doctor's prescription.

Hormonal ointments have a more aggressive effect, the therapeutic effect of their application is reached already on the first day of therapy. The disadvantage of these drugs is considered to be a large number of side effects, the availability, and the cancellation of the effect of habituation.

Drugs Corticosteroids:

  • Ointments on the Basis of triamcinolone fast the inflammatory process, relieve, a strong worsening of psoriasis, itching, redness, swelling. Among the side effects are increased redness, irritation of the Dermis notice.
  • Medication with mometasone – similar to the previous group of drugs side effects.
  • Drugs hydrocortisone fast development of Psoriasis, inhibiting, slowing down cellular mitosis, relieve redness, and other symptoms of the disease.
  • Ointments with budesonidom Tools inflammation reliably alleviate, eliminate desquamation, itching. To include the effects of the actions of irritability of the skin, and covers redness.
  • Medicines with clobetasol. Features long-lasting effect of the treatment, effectively redness, puffiness eliminated, a feeling of itching.
  • Ointments on the Basis of betamethasone – hormonal agents, the synthetic Steroid components have anti-septic, regenerating, have a drying effect.

Each of the drugs for a certain period of time, as long as the application brings a lot of side effects. Even under breaking it is not recommended for the treatment, since the effect of termination occurs, if the patient's condition deteriorates. Hormone preparations, patients with severe exacerbation of Psoriasis, in cases where the effect of the use missing nonhormonal ointments.

The use of pills

The National Medicine

How to stop worsening of psoriasis with medications? To facilitate the patient's condition and prevent serious complications, use one of the following groups of drugs:

  • Antihistamines to ease the itching, removes redness.
  • Hepatoprotectors – reduces the load on the liver, the restoration of the natural functions.
  • Enzyme preparations – in the case of functional disorders of the digestive organs.
  • Chelators – remove waste products from the body, toxins.
  • Antibiotics are in the development of secondary infection, a strong inflammatory process.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – to quickly eliminate inflammation, swelling.
  • Immunosuppressant drugs – to inhibit the work of the immune cells, sometimes it is necessary, that in the case of psoriasis.
  • The bioprparate drugs of a new Generation.
  • All of the funds prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the peculiarities of the pathology of the patient and his or her individual qualities.


    Techniques of the physical therapy treatment will be assigned mostly in the time of the stationary Phase of the current of the pathology. To do this, use the following techniques:

    • The Ultrasonic Treatment.
    • The radiation therapy is carried out.
    • PUVA-therapy.
    • Selective phototherapy.
    • UVR.
    • Magnetic field therapy.
    • Electric sleep.
    • Electrophoresis.

    The type of treatment, number and duration of sessions, the expert determined depending on the type and Form of pathology.

    Rules Diet


    Diet for exacerbation of Psoriasis in the therapy of the pathology. The diet to reduce symptoms of the disease, normalize the condition of the skin of the patient and his General health.

    Principles of nutrition therapy:

    • Rejection of the sharp, salty, oily, fried, smoked food;
    • the Basis of the diet – cereals, vegetables, fruits;
    • The Exception Of Products Allergens – Nuts, Chocolate, Eggs, Honey;
    • Avoid alcohol, beverages containing caffeine, soda water;
    • the food is recommended, stewed or baked;
    • the drinks should be preferably herbal teas, juices, pure water.

    Follow the proper nutrition to an exacerbation of the Psoriasis need not only during the recurrence of the disease, but also during his Remission.

    Prevention of relapse

    You understand, what should do in the event of aggravation, a few rules, to prevent a relapse:

    • The observance of a healthy way of life and diet.
    • Competent and personal Hygiene with gentle cosmetics.
    • Frequent walks in the fresh air.
    • Exclusion of bad habits.
    • Failure of a long stay in the blazing sun.
    • Prevention of injuries to the skin.
    • A reasonable assessment of stress situations.
    • In the implementation of the necessary recommendations for the prevention of disease and the proper treatment of relapse of pathology, the prognosis on recovery.