How does psoriasis of the hands photo

Psoriasis and its image on the photo-on the Hand looks ugly, and other people disgust caused. Especially if the spots grow and cover large parts of the hands. This Form of zoster manifests itself in a variety of skin Plaques, which have the property of peel off. In the case of a patient with Psoriasis affected area can be different and carry limited Character.

Psoriasis of the hands photo

Psoriasis in the area of the elbow from the outside, manifests itself in the Form of a reddish rash. It proliferates quickly and coarsened, and the surface, usually white, often neglecti. In severe cases, it can lead to a few very large patches, the entire surface of the elbow. Often the shoulders and also Psoriasis armpits affected.

On the back surface of the Hand / hands of different size of Plaques reddish color. Recently, the spots appeared to be pale pink, with time they become darker and redden. In the quiet Phase of the disease, Plaques yellowing. In more advanced cases, the spots may merge, by clicking on a large surface of the skin of the hands, and have bluish. Depending on the properties of the skin mottling may appear, especially in the area of the hair. On the palms stripes are in the Form of bubbles.

On the fingers, in the joints, skin rashes, accompanied by swelling. And even the hinge-tissue often acts on the disease, this phenomenon is known as arthropathic Psoriasis. Another type of Psoriasis can warty growths. And in patients with Diabetes mellitus, skin with the bark on the area of rashes. The Form of this Psoriasis is considered exudative. Lichens on the fingers of the hands, complications, and the nails may fail to give you what you begin to collapse.

The first Phase of the Hand (photo)

The Psoriasis begins with a small rash, the man mistaken for allergies. Not such a papule notice is not possible, it usually appears suddenly on the back of the Hand or between the fingers.

In the early stages of the psoriatic Plaques on the hands are very small, no bigger than a Match-head, such rashes called Psoriasis. It is a pale pink color, has a shiny and smooth surface. After a while this surface is covered with white scales, which can be easily removed. In the early stages of the psoriatic rash of new papules, which gradually over the skin grows. Either already existing spots grow in size and become large Plaques.

One of the first signs of a progressive disease is a scrub, which begins with the Central area of psoriatic patches. In the early stages of the patients find the itching, different thickness. While combing the affected area, the phenomenon of isomorphic psoriatic reactions. If you are still difficult psoriatic area of the skin, comb, then the blood can, what denique punctum says bleeding.

To absorb In rare cases, even at the beginning of the disease, shed serous fluid, which is formed from the blood. In General, this liquid has a yellowish color, soak, shed transform in the bark, and if you demolish, then under it, the skin is supplied with moisture.

How long the time will take is hard to say, and it depends on various factors. Of the General conditions of human health, method of treatment, and the immunity. The first stage usually lasts several weeks.

Psoriasis in a child (photo)

Psoriasis on elbow photo

The first Phase of the Psoriasis can be mistaken for a child easily with allergies or diathesis. And this is a Problem because of the exact diagnosis, the effectiveness of the treatment depends.

Children's symptoms of Psoriasis is not much different than the adults. In infants zoster manifests itself in the Form of small red spots, in the elderly, they are scrolls. Some of the diseases the appearance of Psoriasis in children, for example, such infections can cause, such as Otitis Media and Pharyngitis. Typically, psoriasis appears in skin folds, in these areas, the child feels Itching.

In severe forms of Psoriasis, certain medications and Stress may cause. To deprive them of such forms, the child usually needs a stay in hospital, for example, pustular Psoriasis can. This type of Psoriasis rarely diagnosed. After the occurrence of several Plaques after about two weeks, the fusion begins, and, consequently, a large papule. Scaling and swelling occur.

There are congenital and type of psoriasis, if the Baby is already born sick. Such cases are very rare, but nevertheless exist, and requires urgent treatment.

Also psoriasis can prior to the development of Arthritis in children. On the Basis of estimates of psoriatic Arthritis ten years after the first skin lesions of Psoriasis developed. The disease spreads in General, the joints of the hands and feet. The child complains of pain in these areas, especially in the period of physical activity.

Often Form of skin talk ' precedes nail infections. Over the years this function the only external feature may be the development of Psoriasis.

Psoriasis affected areas of the body will cause the child discomfort, disgust, feeling of shame. This has a direct impact on his emotional state. Psoriasis of the mental disorder, the closed child, frequently in and closed will be able to trigger.

Psoriasis Treatment

In the treatment of Psoriasis on the hands, as effectively as a complex method. The doctor, by any drug, is obliged to take into account the age of the patient, the Form of the disease and the factors that provoked a relapse. The treatment is carried out sequentially, without some kind of impact on the other about every 3 months.

In the treatment carefully nutrient selected needs and vitamins. The aim of the diet for psoriasis a support for the acid-base balance. Nutrition is 60-70% consist of fruits and vegetables, from the abundance of water, preferably juices, distilled and freshly squeezed.

Vitamin composition for Psoriasis comprising:

  • Retinol, it helps to support the correct content of Keratin in the skin cells.
  • Vitamin D, contained in some ointments. Has a positive effect on the skin.
  • Vitamin E, which stimulates the metabolism in the cells. Usually prescribed in the Form of an oily solution.
  • B-Vitamins B1, B6, B12, B15. You can order either in dilute Form or in the Form of intramuscular injections.

In the treatment of Psoriasis on the hands are widely used ointments, creams, and Spray:

  1. Shatilova Ointment. Has anti-inflammatory effects and promotes tissue repair of the skin.
  2. Ointments on the Basis of tar, which kills bacteria and cleanses the skin of dead cells.
  3. Ointment on the Basis of oil. These ointments have a complex effect on the entire organism.
Psoriasis on the hands treatment

Psoriasis treatment with radiation. Photo-therapy.

  • Photochemotherapy (PUVA) influence of long-wave UV-radiation
  • Selective Phototherapy. The mixture of wide and medium unda phototherapy
  • Use-Rays. Phototherapy usawanhouse radiation

The treatment of folk medicine

  • Celandine. If it is fresh juice of this plant, it is likely possible, clean the skin of the papules. Also for Outdoor applications the ointment of celandine.
  • A decoction of the roots of the chicory. Decoction impregnated bandage is applied to the affected area of the skin.
  • Dried Wheat Grass. The solution from these roots to use for the bathrooms. Well psoriasis be treated on the fingers of the hands.