How to cure psoriasis forever treatment of allergies

The skin in the season of exacerbation with scales, fine rash. All of this is accompanied by pain, severe burning, itching, joint disorders, muscle tissue and lymph nodes.

how to cure psoriasis forever

Important! The development of the disease can cause, alcohol, Stress, improper diet and taking certain medications. In addition to the relief of itching and skin rashes a comprehensive therapy requires hardware, including the treatment of opportunistic diseases, the adherence to the preventive diet, cleansing the body.

Rational scheme of treatment of psoriasis:

  • Local therapy-damaged Dermis. To this end, the solutions, creams or ointments, which are treated in the injured areas.
  • In the absence of the efficiency is due to the treatment with ultraviolet radiation B-class. The number of treatments depends on the neglect, the nature of the disease.
  • Systemic Therapy. The intravenous Infusion of medication and injections, prolong the period of Remission. In difficult situations, use of special medications.

Psoriasis – a systemic pathology, so the best addition to the primary therapy is the right diet, refraining from bad habits, reducing the amount of Stress. This allows the restoration of the immunity, strengthen the protective functions of the body, whereby the appearance of the symptoms of the disease.

Treatment at home: the principles

No doctor will be able to answer the question whether it is possible for Psoriasis to heal forever, but there is method so that you can maximize the duration of Remission. To enable relieve the symptoms of the disease, ointments, creams, gels, and solutions (over-the-counter and prescription), medications, cleaning agents, baths, herbal teas.

Fast psoriasis cure only the compliance with the main rules will help:

  • the regularity of care;
  • compliance with the Annotation to medicines, the recommendations of the dermatologist and the schedule of taking the drugs;
  • to use the case of pronounced symptoms of better over-the-counter drugs, local measures, medication plant-based;
  • the treatment should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the organism, the course of the disease;
  • before applying to the problematic place the ointment or the cream, the skin is gently cleaned of scales and crusts (Exodus, the Patient reinforces the effect of medicines);
  • use only a means of local action, or medicines for the prevention of allergic reactions, in addition, there is the possibility to determine its effectiveness;
  • between the corridors, breaks in therapy, and after some time, the ointment or medication change, in order to exclude accustoming;
  • find out can be causing a rash on the body, because sometimes psoriasis cured, whereby an irritating factor.

Independent Psoriasis treatment involves the use of dermatological drugs, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory properties. How to beat psoriasis with a similar blend of: violet leaves 3 x colour and celandine to 10 gr., a glass of water. Place over low heat, cook for 20 min. Take 50 ml of 1 times/day before meal.

Many patients treated with ointments with the help of psoriasis home. The most effective recipes:

  • Birch tar – 60 gr., Vaseline – 40 gr., Tinctures Sophora 0.5 Of A Bubble. Mix well, leave for 12 days in a dark place. The middle psoriatic Plaques is, if you deal with every day, sores.

Self-treatment, it does not mean that the systematic consultation of the dermatologist are no longer needed. Only after the investigation can accurately determine how to get rid of Psoriasis for ever, if it is possible, of course.

Important! New drugs in the fields of dermatology, considerably to relieve the symptoms of the disease, increase the duration of Remission. But to appoint them it is only the treating physician, taking into account the individual peculiarities of the patient.

Physiotherapy and Alternative methods

For the elimination of Psoriasis active in different physio-therapeutic applications. How to remove Psoriasis Plaques, without drugs:

  • PUVA-therapy or photo – therapy effect on the problem areas by UV-radiation. 2 hours before the procedure, the Patient needs a drug that increases the sensitivity of the skin to the sun's rays. Psoriasis is defeated in 80%.
  • Plasmapheresis. With the method from the blood of pollutants, fungi, pathogens, blood vessels, the burden on the kidneys, the liver, the immune system of the body and blood.
  • Cryotherapy – the impact on the affected areas of the specific gaseous mixture at a low temperature.
  • Intravenous cleaning laser pulses, the cleaning Plasma. The main advantage of the technology – no negative effects.
  • Hemosorption. The blood is purified by the sorbent, promotes the excretion of toxins.

Therapy with fish – one of the best and safest methods of getting rid of psoriasis. Popular cleaning of the skin with the help of the little fish Garra Rufa. Beings through the consumption of old cells, remove psoriatic lesions without pain in a natural way. Massage, improves blood circulation.

ichthyo therapy

Treated if psoriasis or not – depends on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism. All of the methods of prevention and therapy must be coordinated with the doctor.

How to prevent Regression

Prevention in all cases, complements any therapy. To prevent the main task of the doctor – repeated psoriatic lesions on the skin.

Prevent allows for the development of the pathology after Remission:

  • Control of the metabolic processes in the cells in Psoriasis;
  • Immunosuppression with the help of non-steroidal drugs (appointed by all the patients, the treatment of psoriasis);
  • Replacement of the blood during the acute course of the pathology, preventing the occurrence of repeated eruptions.

Important! A positive influence on the skin water natural mineral springs and the dead sea, rich in various vitamins and trace elements to exercise in a natural Form. Bathing in these lakes allows the recovery of the affected areas of the Dermis.

Traditional and folk medicine, not the answer, unfortunately, is exactly, whether or not curable psoriasis. The disease has an autoimmune character, which greatly complicates the fight with him. There are many prescription drugs, as well as the financing of local actions that allow you to reduce the symptoms of the disease. But before you one of them, consult with your doctor.