Treatment of psoriasis of the scalp

Psoriasis is a non contagious disease, all factors to the emergence of the as:

  • Frequent mechanical effect on the skin of the head in the Form of friction, rubbing, intense scratching.
  • The use of cosmetic products for hair care, the irritant effect on the skin.
  • Allergic reactions, characterized by the constant advent.
  • Dryness of the hair and the skin of the head, manifested in the Form of dandruff, what is the reason for the development of seborrheic Psoriasis.
  • Frequent Stress and Depression.
  • The presence of infectious diseases type.
  • Abrupt change of lifestyle, manifested itself in the refusal of the bad habits of the frontal follow-up or strict diets, and the weather when moving to a different climate belt.
  • Hereditary Predisposition.
  • Hormonal Disturbances.
  • Improper diet and outdated.
  • Abuse of addictions.

The clinical picture of the disease depends on the variety of psoriasis:

Tabula informibus


The most common Form of the disease, is diagnosed in almost 90% of patients with Psoriasis. Characterized by the following features:

  • the inflamed areas of the skin of the head red, the top covered in grey skin, through dryness and a lot of dandruff. On the site of the defeat of the local increase of the temperature will be celebrated;
  • Grey cutaneous layer with ease defies suspension and red skin under him injured and bleeding.

Such areas of the affected Plaques are skin as psoriatic. They have a tendency to increase in size, merging with other platelets, resulting in the whole collections.

The form of drops

Lesions manifested in the Form of skin, similar to the drops, which are dryness, redness, and swelling celebrated. The main reason for the development of Teardrop Psoriasis is a streptococcal infection.


The most severe Form of Psoriasis, characterized by the appearance of the layers of the skin bubbles or bubbles filled with a transparent liquid, and pustules. The skin to the data of the low-reddening and swelling acquires layers. In the case of pustular Form of psoriasis, the probability of occurrence of an exacerbation, when the clear liquid in the interior of the bubbles with purulent contents.

Psoriasis on the head of one of the three types can heal.


The development of Psoriasis of the scalp characterized by the following steps:

  • The progressive. The first Phase is characterized by the appearance of a large number of small formations, the tendency to a rapid growth and Association.
  • Stationary. In this Phase, the termination of the growth of Plaque, of the covered to begin with shed.
  • Regressive. Resorption Plaques, reducing the desquamation of the skin, head, education and training to acquire a pale look.


Magnifying glass

Therapeutic measures for the relief of Psoriasis, characterized by complexity, involving at the same time, the outer and inner effect on the disease. The most important means of psoriasis on the head are:

  • Drugs. In the presence of a medium or severe forms of the disease psoriasis must be treated with medication.
  • Physiotherapy. Physical therapy has proven successful in the treatment of Psoriasis. By far the most proven and highly efficient techniques of physiotherapeutic influence.
  • Photo-therapy. Blasting is a method for the suppression of the signs of psoriasis by UV. The positive PUVA therapy, the effects of UV radiation proved to be. The irradiation is carried out after the absorption of the photosensitizer, the drug, an increased sensitivity of the skin to light. After his admission to the penetration of UV radiation into the deeper layers of the skin, it is possible so that you can effectively treat the disease.
  • Cryotherapy. The method is characterized by short-term exposure to cold on the affected areas of the skin of the head.

The essence of the procedure, cryotherapy is as follows:

  • the Patient is placed in a special device;
  • in the camera, a cold Gas starts with a temperature of up to -130 degrees. The result is an immediate cooling of the skin, as well as the Stimulation of the natural body's processes;
  • in this Position, the Patient is within a few minutes.

Effect of cryotherapy achieved after completing the full course, consisting of 30 meetings. Daily to eliminate the itching and pain of sensation, the processes of inflammation can be performed up to 4 treatments.

Laser therapy

In this case, a Laser is. Its advantage is that the therapeutic effect on the affected areas of the skin without touching the healthy lines. The procedures differ in the security:this can be seen in the absence of scar formation and subsequent pigmentation after the treatment.

Shampoos in the treatment of psoriasis on the head in the hair are in several categories:

Coal tar


The stocks contain tar, birch, willow and coniferous trees in the Form of pine, juniper. These components promote:

  • Removal of excess sebum-manifestations;
  • The Form of the skin clean from dead cells;
  • removal of fat-containing ointments consistency;
  • Elimination of inflammation and itching;
  • inhibit the growth of fungal microorganisms.

They have a sedative effect, dealing with itchy sensations on the skin.


Potent effect against powdery mildew achieved by the reinforcement at the beginning of the application of Shampoos itchy sensations. The active ingredient of the group is ketoconazole. Shampoo with this active ingredient:

  • renovated fungus fire;
  • the skin is soothed;
  • heals the affected areas.

Shampoo suitable to fight with all types of fungal infections of the scalp.


Therapeutic category Shampoos due to the presence of:

  • Salicylic acid;
  • Urea;
  • ihtiola;
  • Zinc, and others.

You have a strong anti-bacterial and moisturizing effect. Medicated Shampoos are available in a large selection.

Folk Remedies

To remove the symptoms of Psoriasis, often use the recipes of folk medicine. Pay attention to the available to use at home:


  • Essential. Commonly used essential oils are: Ylang-Ylang, marjoram, myrrh, sandalwood, Geranium. Oil of sea - buckthorn- not less effective in the treatment of diseases. Has a soothing effect, restore the skin.
  • Linseed. Flaxseed oil promotes the completion of the processes of inflammation, decrease the swelling, a faster healing of the affected areas of the head.

From the above-mentioned oils, the mask for the head are:

Recipe 1:
  • Burdock oil in an amount of couple of spoons mixed with 5 drops of Ylang-Ylang, and chamomile;
  • the mixture is heated and rubbed into the skin of the head;
  • the mask is washed off in 40 minutes, then Shampoo.

The positive result is reflected in an accelerated healing of the skin, improving the structure and preventing hair loss.

Recipe 2:
  • Grape seed oil in an amount of one teaspoon mixed with a tablespoon of the pulp of a Grapefruit;
  • Added 10 drops of the essential essences of lemon;
  • oil mixture into the affected areas massaged in and left for half an hour;
  • after the expiration of the desired time, the mask is washed off.

Tar Soap

The special popularity of this soap is characterized by the following features:

  • Improvement of the blood circulation;
  • the destruction of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Decontamination of the affected areas;
  • removal of painful sensations and itching.

Tar soap the drying effect. This is to be taken into account in patients with increased dryness of the skin of the head. Also, it should be ready to ensure that the soap has a particularly pungent smell.


The recipe for the treatment of Psoriasis: the onion is crushed, wrapped in cheesecloth and is on the affected skin for a few minutes. After the whole head wash with cold water, and the place of the localization of the Plaques medical ointment application.



One of the main reasons for the emergence of psoriasis allergic reactions. During treatment, it is important to follow a specific diet food:

  • The exception from the ration of alcoholic products;
  • the presence of the fractional power, the both the food intake in small portions and curing a break of three hours;
  • Minimize the salt consumption;
  • Rejection of smoked products and marinades;
  • The exception from the ration of a artificial additives in the Form of dyes and preservatives;
  • frequent consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits products;
  • through the daily intake of fermented milk products type.


With the aim of preventing the emergence of Psoriasis of the scalp be useful:

  • You Can Avoid Sunburn.
  • Timely diagnose and treat all diseases.
  • To wash with care and comb your hair.
  • Regularly hair washing by lechebno-preventive Shampoos.
  • You keep a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • You should avoid stressful conditions.
  • Pick up cosmetic products for the care of the scalp and the hair according to their type.

Despite the fact that Psoriasis of the scalp is a serious disease, its treatment can quickly and painlessly. The main thing – the recommendations of doctors and carefully monitor their health, warns all of the pathological symptoms.