Psoriasis nails: symptoms and treatment

He may be accompanied, such as the small damage and spread of the psoriatic Plaques on the whole body – it depends on the severity of the gradient, the shape and the stage of the disease, in which it is located. The disease is characterized by alternating periods of exacerbations and remissions and can last for years and ten years.

Nail Psoriasis

Symptoms of nail Psoriasis

Despite the fact that the nail is Psoriasis as a disease, sometimes it manifests itself as a Form of vulgar extensive Psoriasis or suggests it occurs.

Approximately in half of the cases at the same time, psoriasis of the nails and of the skin occurs.

Symptoms of Psoriasis of the nails may vary depending on the Zone of defeat. Pathological changes in the foot part (Matrix) are the length, shape and, to some extent, and thickness of the nail plate, and pathology Loge (connection cable layer, employee, base-plate) acts mainly on the thickness. Taking into account these peculiarities, the disease can form in any of the following:

  • The Form of the thimbles, the deflection and the turbidity of the plate; thus, you will always be the same on the hook. On the horn layer of the grooves and the point-shaped recesses, which are located in a chaotic manner. It is curious that education on different fingers differ in size, shape and color. Pressure on a "thimble" pain caused;
  • In the case of the distortion and violation of the integrity of the nail, accompanied by a change in its color and separation of the base of the thumb. Add to this nasty picture of a burglary under peeling nails, air bubbles and dirt, mixed with dead particles of the Epidermis;
  • If in connection with damage to the capillary vessels under the nails appear bluish, brown or red dim light permeable spots or strips and the plate and changed the look, talk about the psoriasis under the nails. In other words, the dark spots on the nails with psoriasis sign of subungual bleeding. In the case of trauma to the pain nail, perhaps the formation of pus.

From many other, not so common symptoms of the disease when the nail is thickened, and is rough and dull; with pain, infiltrations, impacts on the reels.

Apart from the physical discomfort and constant pain in combination with itching, Psoriasis of the nails of the feet, and especially - nail-Psoriasis on the hands, striking, and cause the patient a lot of psychological suffering and negative emotions because of the bad appearance of the limbs. This is exactly what makes millions of people on earth think: how to cure Psoriasis? How to re-use the nails of your original Form?

The specifics of the diagnosis

Often the diagnosis of Psoriasis is hampered by the fact that many of the above signs and other dermatological diseases, in particular some fungal infections. This confusion can occur if you, for example, on the body of the patient is not available the characteristic Plaques, which are clearly psoriasis assess.

So, psoriasis, or fungal nail? What is the difference between psoriasis of the nails by fungus? The main difference lies in the nature of the diseases. Fungus is contagious and can easily be transferred from the sick to the healthy through direct contact or through the use of common household items. Patients with Psoriasis in this regard is not dangerous.

With respect to visual or other tangible differences, a few of these. In the case of fungal infections of the scales around the affected nails more easily separated from the skin, what is atypical for the first Phase of the Psoriasis. More: the separation of the nail from the base is not associated with Psoriasis with the deformation, and not with pain, as in the case of candidiasis or yeast infection. Another difference Psoriasis – no smell, typical for Candidiasis.

Psoriatic lesions can also occur if other skin diseases, such as pink versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, their appearance is probably also in diseases of the absolutely "other Opera" - hypertension, pulmonary and congestive heart failure, Diabetes mellitus. Psoriasis of the nails, or may also take on the background of Stress, chronic fatigue, emotional turmoil, taking the Beta-Blocker drugs, and other drugs

In any case, the establishment of the exact diagnosis is the prerogative of the specialists. Very often, the not enough presence of external signs alone required a differential diagnosis with additional investigation methods. For example, bacterial analysis (sowing) scales in the affected areas, the direct microscopy.

From all this, the obvious conclusion arises: in the first suspected case of Psoriasis of the nails of the fingers of the hands or feet is necessary, the instant complaint to one skilled in the art. More about in whose tasks the treatment of Psoriasis on the hands or the feet – a little further down.

The causes of Psoriasis of the nails

In medical circles, psoriasis is considered to be one of the most mysterious, and not until the end of the studied diseases. In spite of this, experts agree that the main causes to the disease, the two:

  • Pathological changes in immune processes, the full process of cell division and the normal Fermentation of substances. For this reason, in the development of the Epidermis: not enough developed particle strikes, and occasionally, to proliferate, begin to proliferate, thickening of the nail surfaces. The reaction of the organism to such a pathology, usually expressed inflammation;
  • The genetic factor. Some dermatologists tend to be just him in the first place. Guile of the disease lies in the fact that "bad" heredity can't feel for a long time and under the influence of triggering factors occur, completely unexpectedly, a contribution to the Transformation of indolent in the acute Phase of the disease.

The strongest cause of psoriasis occur:

  • Infringement of a hormonal background;
  • Malfunction of the organs, the direct influence on the metabolism (liver, thyroid gland, organs of the digestive tract and others);
  • Destroy the immune system infectious education;
  • Mechanical damage to the layers of the Dermis;
  • The dry and frosty weather conditions, in combination with a weakened immune system of the body.

The stage of the disease

In General, abnormal symptoms, and in the further berholen in Psoriasis, go through three phases:

  • The first of them is characterized by clouding of the nail, is it transverse or longitudinal strips, grooves, spots;
  • In the second stage, the nail thickens, changes color, buying yellowish, grey, reddish-brown color. Sometimes it is accompanied by hemorrhagic manifestations with the appearance of bloody veins and pus foci;
  • In the last Phase on the plate of oily stains and Plaques. Finger nail completely atrophied and begins to flake off. To come often these negative phenomena, all possible bacterial and fungal attack.

How to treat nail Psoriasis?

The treatment of Psoriasis of the nails is a lengthy and tedious process with the application of the complex mechanisms. The attending physician selects the Schema of systemic therapy, taking into account the individual characteristics of the specific clinical case.

What influences the choice of treatment plan?

Psoriasis Treatment

The most important factors of which depends on how to treat Psoriasis of the nails of the hands and feet:

  • The clinical picture of the disease and the stage of its course;
  • The degree of neglect of the disease;
  • The probability of relapse;
  • The presence of the accompanying diseases and the associated limitations;
  • Individual tolerability of a patient to certain drugs.

Drug Treatment

In General, in the early stages of the disease, topical apply preparations.

Creams and ointments

Basically, it is a medicine, the corticosteroids, to be inhibited, which means with inflammation and antiseptic effect, as well as a cream. Wide application was found also special coatings of Psoriasis of the nails. By the way, a part of the dermatologists also keeps it a successful Alternative to the complex treatment.

The use of corticosteroids during the nail lesions in psoriasis prohibited in viral skin diseases, like shingles, as well as in the case of Syphilis, tuberculosis. Apart from that, your drawback are the possible side effects in the Form of burning, itching and redness of the skin.

Supplements containing Vitamin D3

Their function consists in the inhibition of the abnormal division of psoriatic cells. Here there are contraindications, for example, in the case of violations of calcium in the body. In addition, they are not recommended for children. As an analogy, the application of coal tar (tar).

Special Medicines

Pencils, ointments and other medications, a common feature to the process of cell division, press and lead to a permanent weakening of the nail Psoriasis.

Outdoor Fabrics

Inflammation of the differ-inflammatory and inhibitory to the Division of defective cells properties .

Apart from this, softening effect on dry, flaky cells salicylic acid, is the promotion of their easy removal, and a 1% solution of 5-Fluorouracil (is applied either in the Form of a cream) under the bandage.

We consider necessary to stress once again: all of the above-mentioned drugs have numerous adverse effects, so use only in case of medical prescription is strictly individual! Self-treatment with medications can lead to irreparable damage to the health, and is strictly prohibited!

Drugs for systemic treatment

The same is true for System-retinoidam, is prescribed only in the most advanced cases, and absolutely Contra pregnant, and liver disease.

A comprehensive treatment also includes the use of antidepressants, and promoting the reduction of itching and the positive psychological effect, as well as complexes of vitamins and minerals consisting of selenium, zinc, calcium.

Good effect give physical therapy hemosorbtion, chromo-therapy, diathermy, photo-chemotherapy. Very effective plumbing treatment, especially if you have him on the coast.

The application of the latest Biologics

From the latest developments in special mono note-clonal antibodies, which are capable to unite with cells of the immune system and destroy faulty psoriatic cells, modifiers with selective effect and Blocker-necrosis-factors for the severe forms. According to some of them clinical studies are still in progress.

Application of the methods

The best results in the treatment of Psoriasis of the nails folk medicine, if the disease begins to develop in the first place. Homemade healer for a long time treated Psoriasis patients compresses all types of baby baths, ointments, lotions,. We offer to your attention a couple of popular recipes for the treatment of Psoriasis of the nails home:

  • Oat flour and corn starch in a quantity of mix is cooked, two tablespoons in half a Liter of warm water and lotions on the affected areas impose;
  • Soothing the baths act on the basis of infusions of oak bark, series, chamomile, sage, durnischnika;
  • Proven therapy with herbal oils before bedtime the nails to smear olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil should go;
  • An excellent wound healing help the end effect of the Aloe, and buckthorn, Agave, and is, to moisten the affected area and inflammation to remove;
  • Helpful gauze onion mash tie to be imposed, on the pain of the nail.

The treatment of Psoriasis of the nails home suggests many other possibilities, not to do with the application of copper sulphate, Soda ash, however, in all cases without any mandatory consultation of the doctor!

Preventive Measures

To combat this insidious and difficult disease refractory to always observe the measures of prevention, in particular:

  • Carefully Hygiene of the hands and feet;
  • Protect hands and feet from direct contact with chemicals;
  • You can avoid hypothermia and infections, take care of the own immune system;
  • Guard plate nails from mechanical damage;
  • Caution in the use of manicure-sets, not to artificial materials for escalating of nails, and enjoy the healing anti-bacterial coatings;
  • Be especially careful during the attacks, including, on a diet - with the exception of the ration of the fat, flour, sugar-containing foods. In the menu there should be fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, dairy products, liver.

You will be remembered! The worst enemies of the therapy, alcohol and tobacco are!

Final and irrevocable psoriasis does not disappear. Even if it seems that his vital signs are observed functions, the risk of relapse always remains. Unfortunately, we have to say: Psoriasis is a disease you put up a lifetime. Another thing is, that the observance of a healthy life-spaces of style and follow a doctor's instructions, a high probability for the increase of the duration of the time - up to ten years!