Psoriasis treatment at home

Winston Churchill, who promised themselves to Psoriasis, a monument made of pure Gold, the Person who detects the cause of the disease and find effective means for their treatment. Unfortunately, the candidates are not so far. However, there are resources, the use of which allows to achieve a stable Remission. Many of them can apply at home.

What is a disease?


Psoriasis – recurrent disease with a chronic course, the main Manifestation is the skin of the rash in the Form of patches and scaly. Sometimes, bone, neurological changes accompanied by lymph nodes, joints, muscles,. The therapy involves a series of measures to remove the avoidance of triggering factors and the symptoms of the disease. There are enough effective method for the treatment of Psoriasis at home.


This disease is essentially an abnormal response of the body to external stimuli, in consequence of which the upper layer of the skin dies faster, this should be considered normal. In General, the duration of the cycle of cell division is 3-4 weeks. In Psoriasis it reduces up to 4-5 days.

The causes of the disease are not yet clarified. In today's time more and more experts are inclined to the theory about the nature of psoriasis came. In other words, the basis of its development, not a cause, but a whole complex is:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • immunological shifts;
  • Disorders of the endocrine system;
  • neurological disorders;
  • Stress.

The diversity of the existing theories about the origin of the disease is a matter of accuracy: psoriasis is not contagious and you can't due to viruses.


Psoriasis occurs in the Form of lightning. In its course there are three stages:

  • Development.
  • The stationary Phase.
  • Back form.

The onset of psoriasis, acute. On the skin small appear bright red spots, increases at the periphery and reaches a size of coins. They blend with each other, forming psoriatic Plaques. Mostly localized rash on the scalp, the elbows, the knees, the front surface of the lower leg. About 1/3 of the cases of itching and tension appear to be feeling the skin.

Skin rashes with psoriasis have three characteristic features, the triad of so-called Psoriasis:

  • The phenomenon Stearin spot: on the surface of the skin with white scales, forming greyish, with ease away with poskablivanii.
  • The phenomenon of terminal Film: the continued friction brings a smooth pink surface.
  • The phenomenon of the dot-shaped bleeding: appear naked on the smooth surface of droplets of blood.

In the case of occurrence of symptoms of Psoriasis you should consult a dermatologist. After the diagnosis appropriate treatment to prescribe. The simultaneous treatment at home.

How can perform the treatment at home


Today, psoriasis cure still in health care facilities, to neither home. The aim of the therapy is the control of the course. Extension of the Remission with the help of drugs for inclusion in the local goal and the means to relieve the symptoms. It is:

  • medical ointments, creams;
  • Lotions;
  • Shampoos;
  • Herbal teas;
  • Bath with the addition of herbs;
  • UV-irradiation

Principles of home treatment

For successful treatment of psoriasis at home there are certain rules to keep:

  • You regularly use scheduled medicines exactly according to the instructions.
  • In the case of low expression of symptoms restricted to the simplest means, with plant extracts (e.g. Aloe Vera) can be. In the case of serious diseases, the application of hormone must products.
  • With the help of special creams, you can maintain a normal level of skin moisture.
  • After removing the crusts gently and very careful, loose-fitting. The removal of the crusts contributes to a more intensive Absorption of the medicinal creams and lotions.
  • Exactly the prescribed time, follow the plan of sunbathing and procedures of the UV-therapy.
  • The manifestations of Psoriasis to get rid of, you should use simple tools. At home, several medicines and ointments at the same time is not recommended, since such an approach makes it impossible for the clarification of the effectiveness of a certain drug.
  • Between courses of treatment with a break from 1 month to six months.
  • If Psoriasis child is sick, first and foremost, one should determine the precipitating factors and eliminate them. Sometimes for the treatment of the disease, it is sufficient compliance with the diet.
  • From time to time with the attending physician, or in specialized centers, in particular in the expression of symptoms of the disease. Interest in new developments in the treatment of Psoriasis and consult with the experts about the feasibility of your application.

Interior Therapy

In order to cure Psoriasis at home, more precisely – it is recommended to alleviate the symptoms, along with the application of ointments, stop taking the tablets. Such treatment is more efficient than the local.

In the event of aggravation of the disease and prescribe antihistamines. If a Patient suffers from sleep disorders, sedative drug with a mild effect.

Psoriasis can be caused by a violation of the normal function of the digestive system.

When attaching the acute infection antibiotics: penicillins, cephalosporins, and macrolides. Their application in the domestic, as well as taking all other drugs, only on the recommendation of the attending physician. Pain syndrome, the resulting complications of the inflammation in Psoriasis can be remedied using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

How and what can treat this disease? Lately Chinese medicines are popular. These capsules and ointments, which claim, as the manufacturer, have wonderful properties. Many of them are not registered in the Russian Federation and distributed illegally. Traders claim that the means are exclusively Chinese herbs. Laboratory studies show, however, that in most cases, these preparations contain glucocorticoids and their uncontrolled intake even with the margins not as safe.

The treatment of psoriasis on the head


At home quite successful to cure psoriasis on the scalp. How do you do this? Use ready-made Shampoos, ointments or use of folk medicine.

Important rules to follow when home therapy:

  • Treat you skin not the hair but the scalp.
  • Avoid damage to the skin (scratch, puncture).
  • After softening of the skin Shampoo only loose-fitting scales.
  • For the control of the exfoliation process of the skin, wash the head with a special Shampoo, as often as necessary.
  • Remedy do not RUB in the hair and in the skin.
  • While the hair to beat wash Shampoo, until the Status of foam and leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse then.

For the treatment at home well the following remedy for psoriasis have proven themselves on the head:

  • Soft shampoo, the tar of the coal. You have to color with a specific smell and a little bit of hair. Some of the resources with coal tar it is recommended for a couple of hours, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Shampoos with cadmiae-pyrithione. With their help, dealt with a mild Form of psoriasis can be. Zinc reduces the number of dead skin cells, reducing hair loss. Many of these agents also contain Allantoin, the irritation of the scalp and speeds up the healing process.
  • Shampoos with chloroxine sulfide and villages. Very effective in mild course of Psoriasis forms.
  • Means with ketoconazole. Provides antimycotic effect, relieves itching and flaking.

Baby-Shampoos. Thanks to the absence of toxic components, fragrances and dyes in the composition with their help, you can be treated for a maximum of safe Psoriasis at home:

  • Ointments with anthralin. Anthralin is one of the most popular means for the treatment of psoriasis. Reduction of cell Proliferation, this substance reduces the severity of symptoms.
  • Corticosteroid solution – psoriasis cure can be provoked with a sufficiently serious, however, in some cases, the deterioration of the symptoms. Its use is recommended only on doctor's prescription. The maximum duration of the course is 2 weeks.

What is the folk medicine recommends

  • In the case of psoriasis of the scalp natural remedies mostly natural oils: olive, peanut, Mineral, tea tree, rosemary, cupressus. For softening the skin rubbed over night, hat, clothes, and in the morning wash it with medical shampoo. Very useful red and white clay, the juice of the onion, and nettle-broth.
  • Well, the following resources will help: take a tablespoon of grape seed oil and almond oil and 2 tablespoons coconut. Add honey and Cognac (a teaspoon) and a few drops of essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus. The mixture is slightly warm, keep on the water bath, then on the scalp applied. This mask at least 2 hours.
  • Psoriasis on the head the sea salt can be used to treat. How do you do this? Before washing the hair within 5 minutes of massaging the scalp, rubbing in the salt. For the efficiency of the process of salt impregnation, we recommend a few drops of essential oil (rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus).
  • When you treat the psoriasis on the head? A good result of the hair, rinse with water with the addition of essential oils. Per litre of warm water and 10 drops of oil to add. You use the resulting funds as a rinse aid.
  • Another recipe: mix burdock oil, Calendula tincture and 2 egg yolks. Apply on the skin of the head, after 2-3 hours, wash off.


In the home environment for the treatment of Psoriasis herbal extracts can. In many cases, they are very effective and can significantly the severity of the symptoms of the disease reduce.

What can be psoriasis treated?

  • In the case of the localization on the scalp is often the juice of the leaves Golden mustache is used. His scalp, and after washing to rinse hair with a decoction of the plant.
  • The roots of sarsaparilla' (20 G) within 8-10 hours in a Liter of water, then cook for 20 minutes and filtered. A part of the drink hot, and the second drink in the course of the day. The course duration is 20 days.
  • Lubricate the affected ash of branches of dog-rose, mixed in equal parts with petroleum jelly.
  • The Infusion of elder flowers (2 TSP + 5000 ml of water), take three times a day on a half-glass. To drink according to the same scheme abies water.
  • Finely chopped, young baskets of sunflower pour the white wine and leave for 2 days. Cooked medium to strain and use to moisten the inflamed areas. You can bandage and keep it for 2-3 hours. In the case of the defeat of the skin-sun-flower-honey infusion for washing use.
  • In the case of nail Psoriasis are very effective herbal baths with the Infusion of celandine, nettle, elecampane, succession, St. John's wort, calamus.


An important prerequisite for the effective Home treatment of Psoriasis the adherence to a special diet. From the diet exclude:

  • Chocolate and confectionery with chocolate cream;
  • Coffee;
  • acute;
  • Citrus fruits;
  • Products, the preservatives, food colours, aromatic substances;
  • Vegetables and fruit of red colour;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • Alcohol.

You should also smoke the consumption of meat, eggs, and sugar.

After the disappearance of the symptoms may gradually begin to use some of the forbidden products, watching the reaction of the body. With the increase of the symptoms, the product must be deleted.

Prevention of exacerbations

Recurrence of the disease to be avoided and the deterioration of the symptoms, patients with Psoriasis should adhere to a few important rules:

  • Protect your skin against chemicals and other aggressive factors. During the execution of the work at home you wear gloves household.
  • Do not stretch and do not RUB the skin while washing.
  • Preferably the soul: the bathroom often lead to increased dryness of the skin. In the case of the taking of the bath water should not be too hot. It is the add of herbal teas is recommended.
  • You to use the remedy or neutral soap.
  • Not to remove the cornea necessarily.
  • You can avoid the penetration of infection into the body, as well as injuries and other damage to the skin. When they occur, immediately begin treatment.
  • With the localization of psoriasis on the scalp use a mild comb with rounded teeth.
  • You limit the time of stay in the sun. For protection from the sun radiation of the UV-Filter.
  • Not tight shoes, headgear, clothing, watches: they irritate and injure the skin disease, leading to the complexity of the.
  • For the maintenance of normal levels of humidity and alerts prior to the drying of the skin special homemade air humidifier.
  • To avoid Stress: they increase the severity of the symptoms of Psoriasis.
  • In the treatment at home not forget about the possibility of a negative reaction to medication, and incompatibility of some of them. Prior to the application of any means to consult with a specialist.