Psoriasis: treatment in the home conditions of the people's resources

As you know, psoriasis is quite difficult to treat, but with him we can try to cope at home. What therapy methods are suitable for this, whether the people's recipes?

Psoriasis treatment at home

The rules of the therapy

How to Cure Psoriasis at home forever? Unfortunately not possible, get rid of the disease, because he has chronic character, but under observance of the following rules a number of are more likely to give the disease in the state of Remission:

  1. You need to eat right. Neither therapy was not a correct result, if the Patient is in the food, may be the development of the disease provoked.
  2. Care for the skin. The Epidermis, the affected by this disease, require a milder treatment that prevents, to provide that the effects of coarse and wash bast wipe, the usual hygienic means.
  3. Protect the Dermis from direct UV radiation, because it can lead to sunburn and worsen the Situation.
  4. Avoid Stress, because nervous disorders can increase the risk of a deterioration of the disease.
  5. The clothes you wear made from natural fabrics, good breathable. You should change the linen more often.
  6. By working with household cleaning products, gloves should protect the hands, and also you should steaming be sure to exclude the inhalation of the chemical.
  7. To moisturize, you should be more often the skin neutral agents.

To improve these basic rules very clearly the condition of the patient, reduce the risk of Progression of the pathology. However, all these steps may not be sufficient to eliminate skin rashes, and achieve a lasting period of Remission.

Compositions for external application

The most widespread method of treatment of psoriasis at home is the use of natural remedies. These methods are very effective and require significant financial costs.


Psoriasis-home treatment consists in the absorption of the healing baths, which are particularly effective when the disease occupies a large area of the surface of the skin. You can note the most frequently used recipes.


First, pour the water of comfortable temperature for the body and pour a full packet of baking powder. The meeting should not be longer than 30. Perform the procedure daily after the bath the skin grease with olive oil.


First prepare the potatoes, grated on a coarse grater. The tubers need to be mushy. The resulting slurry pour 1 Liter of water. The mass cooking to cook until you start, then drain the broth and add in the water. The duration of the proceedings not more than 15 minutes. Repeat the session for 14 days with a distance of the day.


For the preparation you will need needles to collect 100 G fir and pour half a Liter of boiling water. Leave for 60 minutes of strained Infusion and add in a tub of water. A similar procedure should be a day for 20 days. Medium-well relieves inflammation and disinfects the top layer of the Dermis.


Turpentine Baths

You want to combine water, 0.75 G of salicylic acid with a half a Liter of just boiled, and you add 40 G of grated mild soap and 0.5 kg of turpentine. In the bathtub needs to be added is from 15 to 50 ml of medium. Procedures for the implementation of not more than 20 minutes number of sessions – 20.

On the Basis of the fungus

Need to the Infusion from 200 G minced meat, birch fungus, in the Gulf of raw material a year and a half litre of hot water. Leave on for three hours. In the tub, the strained Infusion is already added. The procedure should be carried out for 20 minutes. The course consists of 5 sessions.

With Salt

Better take with salt from the dead sea, it is rich in trace elements, the skin for the stressed. You have to take in the water half a Kilo of the substance, and a bathroom, up to the chest immersed. You can't have a session longer than 20 minutes. Not necessary the this method in the acute Phase of the disease.


In the treatment of Psoriasis also compresses, which are very easily done at home:

  1. Sodas. For the production of sodium carbonate must mix with boiling water to a thick consistency. This mass is wrapped on the lesions and cloth to the skin at this point, a good warm. The mixture needs to keep up to complete cooling.
  2. Tar. You need to warm up a little birch or juniper tar. This mass best the psoriatic-rich Plaques, wait for complete cooling of the mixture. According to the medium-to wash = soap with tar.
  3. Propolis. You need to mix 1 part of Propolis, and 10 parts of Vaseline. The mixture should be heated to a comfortable temperature and apply to the skin on the victim, wrapped cling film. Leave on for 20 minutes. The course of therapy is 60 to 90 days.
  4. Oil. Well-suited for the fight against Psoriasis on the scalp of the skin. You need to mix 15 ml of linseed oil and burdock oil, add to a mixture of 5 ml of
  5. The extract from the plant. The mass needs to be heated in a water bath and then on the masgefertigte. Head wrap clear wrap film and. You should resist at least two hours, then with medicated Shampoos. The procedure is performed daily for 3 days.


Among the natural remedies that you can use easily at home, you can select ointment of psoriasis. They differ in their composition and spectrum of activity. You make some of the most popular recipes:

  1. On the basis of the tar. You need to take 20 ml of birch tar, and connect it with 10 ml oil and 10 ml of honey. The mixture must you stir 10 G of bees wax and so much of sulphur. The whole mass must be heated, under constant stirring composition. It is directly on the psoriatic Plaques.
  2. On the basis of eggs. You have 2 eggs from home chickens and beat them together with non-refined vegetable oil. Then pour the mixture should vinegar 1 ml. Spray after the shower.
  3. Ointment with Propolis. To 200 G of high-quality Butter, mix with 10 G of Propolis. This mixture must be heated in an enamel saucepan, stirring constantly. The heating is necessary until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The best ointment cope with the disease on the legs.
  4. On the basis of herbs. In ceramic-or ceramic-and-mortar, you have to 20 G of celandine and St. John's wort, and pour a few drops of vegetable oil. The composition of the paste of 5 G of Propolis. All of this must RUB it in well, until the porridge, the striking lesions in a quarter of an hour.
  5. The Fish Scales. For the production of medium-softening of fish and grind them in a coffee mill shed to a powder state. This means to connect with the cod-liver oil should, until a thick mass. Apply the product twice a day for half an hour.

The ointment, in the home, apply only on cleansed skin, wash the hands in front of it.



The treatment of folk medicine, you can with the help of lotions. Recipes Mediterranean are quite simple:

  1. Lotions with celandine. You have 40 G of roots of celandine and pour 0.4 litres of water crushed. Medium, bring to a boil and leave on for half an hour. Wipe the surface of the resulting composition to the lesions three times a day.
  2. On the basis of herbs and milk. You need to crushed, grind 10 G of dried leaves of the grape, and as much linseed. You also need to 10 G add fresh leaves of burdock. All of these components to milk in 100 ml. The composition should bring it to the boil and cook for a few minutes on low heat. Cooling and lotions before going to bed.
  3. Herbal Lotions. You need to take 10 G of motherwort, chamomile. Add as many calendula. To the ingredients, you should get a half a Liter of boiling water. Let the means of a half-hour. In this composition, the wetting of the fabric cloth and apply to the affected places.

These funds are also used to relieve itching and contribute to a faster reconstruction of damaged structures of the Dermis.

Agents for oral application

Natural remedies are also recipes for oral administration, it is necessary for an integrated treatment of Psoriasis. You can also overall, to improve the working of the organism.


Trying to get rid of psoriasis can with the help of the preparation of medicinal concoctions:

  1. On the basis of the Laurel. You have 20 medium-large leaves of the Laurel and smash, then pour all of the half Liter of cold water. Composition put on fire and boil for a few minutes. Drink before meals of 100 ml. But this Tool do not use in pregnancy, as it causes bleeding.
  2. From the burdock root and dandelion. To the grated root of burdock and dandelion. It should 40 grams of raw materials, which is necessary, pour 250 ml of boiling water. Put on fire, cook for a few minutes. The broth should eat to 100 ml between meals.
  3. From a number of chamomile and. You need to take 15 G of dried chamomile pharmacy and succession. The mixture with hot water and put on a slow fire to stew, prowariwat decoction 5 minutes to the herbs all the nutrients gifts. Take once within 10 ml before meals.
  4. From the collection of herbs. You need to take 10 G of dried nettle leaves, chamomile flowers. Add 10 G Of Licorice Root. All the pour 250 ml of water and put the stew on low heat for 10 minutes. The broth you can eat drink 10 ml between meals.

Herbs, and decoctions in the recipe, you can easily find in the pharmacy, and also in the season you collect all the components in the country.


In the home treatment of Psoriasis often used medication infusions:

  1. On the Basis of barley. You need to take 20 G of barley malt, and pour the raw material in a Liter of boiling water. 4-5 hours, it is advisable for this jug. The Tool must strain and drink during the day. Each day, you must drink a full volume of the Infusion. You can add in the beverage is 5 G of honey.
  2. From the collection of herbs. You have to in the same parts of chamomile flowers and St John's wort, add half a part of cowberry leaves. The raw material should be water, pour 250-300 ml of just boiled, and insist 45 minutes. The Infusion of drain after complete cooling. This means you should drink 100 ml three times per day.
  3. On the basis of the hop cones, and licorice root. You have to pin the three parts of licorice root and a part of the hop. 20 G of the mixture, pour half a Liter of water. Leave the funds in 12 hours. Receiving Infusion long – from six months up to one year.

Everything that can add in the diet, soothing herbal teas, for example chamomile or lemon balm. Since the neuroses often lead to a worsening of the psoriasis and itchy skin rashes to sleep problems, natural relaxant only benefit.


Oil – a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, which are for internal use, in the position to take the Offensive in Remission. Generally, the following types of:

  1. Linseed. You are applying to 5 ml twice per day. The substance has a sedative effect and improves metabolic processes.
  2. Buckthorn. You have to take him in 4 ml 2-3 times per day. The course is quite long – about a year and a half. The product actively cleanses the body, but also well relieves inflammation.
  3. Hemp seeds. Should drink the product in 20 ml once per day. This means with regular use, capable of the unpleasant symptoms of psoriasis eliminate in two weeks.

These recipes can be for preventive purposes. You should avoid essential oils, they are, on the contrary, irritation or an allergic reaction on the skin, and lead to the next tile.

Important! In spite of the fact that all the resources have a completely natural formation, in the case of many components, there are limitations in the use.

Juice from celery


Celery is a source of minerals for the skin, trace elements and vitamins. Vegetables has the ability to improve the barrier-systems of the body. Especially helpful for psoriasis juice from the green part. Drink drink in the morning on an empty stomach, until a visible results.

How to Cure Psoriasis at home? On this question, the patient, the preparations of synthetic pharmaceutical-fear of thinking. The folk medicine is a lot of effective formulations to relieve the symptoms of the disease and accelerate the convergence of Remission. In addition, some of the methods are even more effective than conventional medicine.