Psoriasis: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Skin disease — it is always serious, because the consequences can be cutaneous disease, the most that neither is unpredictable. One of these diseases is psoriasis. Such a term denotes a chronic disease of the skin and of the nails, and in the later and advanced stages, joints and even the liver. Sometimes you find a psoriasis on the head. Otherwise, this disease is called psoriasis.

Psoriasis Treatment

The first signs of psoriasis, the peeling of the skin, as well as the emergence of scaly rash on the elbows, knees and nails. But before we talk about the signs of the disease, let us discuss the causes of psoriasis and the possible methods of prevention.


Causes of psoriasis can go to a lot of factors.

We consider the most important:

  • Metabolic disturbances, poor and substandard food, malnutrition. Often a cause of Psoriasis in girls abused and newfangled diets of the operating conditions. Like substances, the body an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals. There are people whose body of a particular Vitamin is not simply true — you know, like each other, how this affects the skin.
  • Excessive use of drugs, and oily, to a hearty meal. In this case, the body we are forming trace elements is right, and not always the. Medicines, even such harmless, as vitamins, there is only a certain group of these vitamins, sometimes several groups. But the whole ration is never able to such tablets. Also if your body gets too large quantities of all the vitamins, the the he is treated for a Signal to the active growth and development. Very quickly begin to grow new cells, and this process happens in the case of psoriasis, of which the speech is.
  • When affected the work of the gastro-intestinal tract — put simply, problems with the digestive system. Usually, it happens because of the malnutrition. Is it so that the walls of the stomach are much thinner than before. Therefore, all toxic substances that enter the body with food, not fully gastric juice — you mourn the boundaries of the gastro-intestinal tract. In this way, the toxins in the bloodstream, which brings it to the liver, and the kidneys, and it is on none of them emerges as the largest negative impact. This can lead to as the cause for the emergence of Psoriasis and the cause of the deterioration of this disease.
  • It is said that of the DC voltage of the nervous system, you ill be able to. Maybe it is so. For Psoriasis is the most direct route. Permanent tension of the nerves, Depression — all this affects your skin. There are all kinds of biochemical reactions that follow the Psoriasis is because the immune system weakens and is unable to protect the organism against the penetration of contaminants.
  • A number of other diseases, a serious reduction in the immunity. This includes Sinusitis, Otitis, and others. That is, the essence is that these complaints are a little suck poison the life force from the people — the ability of the body to substances that is harmless to negligible. If the person is already sick, Psoriasis, manifest, and yet one of these diseases, you will have to accompany the fast development of Psoriasis and its transfer to the subsequent stages. Therefore, the treatment needs to be done immediately. Psoriasis infectious diseases, the development of which happens due to streptococci can cause.

Often psoriasis is not just in the puberty, when children monitor their food and eat on the go.

the causes of psoriasis

All duly stated on the health and on the state of the immune system.

Methods of diagnosis of psoriasis

Today, psoriasis has been a pretty common Problem, so how the methods of treatment and diagnostic procedures, also came forward. For the professional skin doctor to determine psoriasis is very simple: don't hide the disease, practically in the situation. It is easy to distinguish and this chronic skin disease of banal Dermatitis or eczema. Special features at the initial diagnosis of Psoriasis, but if the suspicion was discovered during the investigation, the people assigned, a series of analyses, the need to go for the formation of a clearer depiction of the doctor on the Phase of the neglect of diseases.

There are three stages of Psoriasis:

  1. Progressive — i.e. the one on which the disease continues to evolve, extends over large areas of the skin. This is particularly clear when you scratch and damage the skin — you are then established in a portion of the peel, the skin turns into a scaly surface. I must say that the Psoriasis is to heal and at this stage it is impossible, but to treat them and to maintain a safe state of the disease.
  2. Stationary — rash on the skin and there are areas which is suspended, on which the skin is always taken back to the shed, but no development seen. If the disease emerged in a not very prominent place, you can leave them alone: you will progress further. Until today, however, there are methods you can use to get rid of psoriasis on the stationary Phase. Anyway, but in regular intervals with your skin doctor about the condition of the skin and nails.
  3. Is cured — the gradual disappearance of the disease without outside Intervention. Alas, such situations occur rarely, but still. In this Phase, the skin begins to slowly but surely recover. This behavior can occur today in connection with the proper diet, or to the unknown and unexplored reasons. But, again, don't forget to visit a skin doctor, and — he is continuously in a stage of the disease analyzed.

A further method of examining the skin of the patient..., is a fence skin cells with a special spatula. Then the cells are examined under the microscope by specialists analysed.

Sometimes for more accurate data on the availability of Psoriasis such a procedure, like a biopsy.


The doctor receives the most accurate information about the condition of the skin of the patient, the detailed structure of the individual layers in each cell.

If you are worrying about how you will find psoriasis, then you should know a few basic characteristics. We have already mentioned about the occurrence of dandruff and flaking; also signs of diseases of the misfortune of poor health and sleepy the whole day are blessed (especially when you are sick, in parallel with any chronic disease), dizziness, worsening of the skin all over the body as a whole (ie, dryness, irritability, increased sensitivity). At the first signs, please contact your dermatologist or internist, vain, self-treatment.

What, as a rating of the various manifestations of Psoriasis, we present to you the types of Psoriasis:

  • erythrodermic Psoriasis,
  • plain
  • reactive Arthritis,
  • pustular,
  • exudative.

Each of them is a separate treatment appoint it the expert can only.

The genetic nature of psoriasis

Now, many people are wondering: is triggered if the psoriasis is inherited and how high the probability of this is?

Yes, psoriasis is quite possible that you will receive at the genetic level. The occurrence of this disease is not directly at birth, but much later. In some cases, the person is going through all of your family tree and find there is patients with Psoriasis, but the gene for this disease can sit in the human species over several generations, and suddenly occur to someone from the family. It has been proven in the cases in which, for example, in the family falls ill, a child, and after a while, the disease appears when one of the parents. This is hardly a coincidence — just the disease a long time, passed from Generation to Generation, and now it turns out to the outside. By the way, in such cases, the probability is high that also the following generations psoriasis to manifest.

More than half of the patients diseased with psoriasis, there are relatives in the family who suffered once from this disease. In any case, we should take care of your health and for the prevention of Psoriasis, and if it happened, that the person is already sick, everything should be done to prevent the progression of the disease and its spread throughout the body.

Methods of treatment

Methods of treatment of Psoriasis there are several. Some of them are less widespread, popularity of any kind of higher. Method for the treatment, after the analysis of the Situation in General, depending on the health condition of the patient and, again, the Phase of the neglect of diseases.

If the development of Psoriasis begins only treat you need it, ointments and gels.

So what is psoriasis to treat for an ointment? To do some rates tinctures and ointments personally, but it is better not your health. Finally, the psoriasis sharpening is very easy: the skin in the time of the durchflieens of the disease is quite sensitive and immediately the slightest Irritation feels to respond to the increasing shell thickness.

The question which inevitably arises in the selection of the ointment with hormones or without? Now explain what the difference is. Hormonal ointments give you a very rapid effect: within a short period of time, the symptoms of the disease disappear, it improves the health in General. But the doctor at the recommendation of a similar agent is required to power the patient about what such ointments, it is addictive. And this habituation is not simply a process in which the body no longer perceive the drug: after some time, serious health problems can appear. Also information about it in the manual.


Hormones in General have quite a lot of contraindications and side effects, from disorders of hormonal Regulation in the body up to severe changes in the blood circulation and the emergence of problems with the circulatory System. High demand for the ointment, the Israeli production, they are famous for their quality and performance.

Non-hormonal medications appear to be a bit weaker, but they are, nevertheless, effective.

Treat the psoriasis and tablets, classified in a similar way.

Much of the course of treatment depends on the sensitivity of the patient to certain medications.

Which means you prescribed, sooner or later the body will get used to it, and need to either increase the dose or take something stronger. The effective means, which are introduced to the inside with the help of the Pipette or syringe, but it is already in a very advanced stage of development.

Get rid of the Psoriasis is not possible, but this disease must always be kept under control and try symptoms eliminate in every possible way.