Phases of the development of the disease

At the Moment, experts four full stages of Psoriasis, each of which has its special properties. Their speed of development depends on the degree of resistance of the organism, the duration of exposure to provoking factors, the General health of the patient, etc. In General, one can distinguish the stages of the development of Psoriasis:
  1. In operation , the even as early.
  2. Progressive , a period of exacerbation of a disease.
  3. Stationary , while the non-spread of the disease and does not progress.
  4. retrogressive, characterized by predominantly recovery of the patient and the disappearance of some or all of the symptoms.
Thus, the conclusion can be drawn that the Psoriasis has totally different stages, which means the need for their correct determination, as well as the selection of appropriate treatment methods.

The beginning stage of psoriasis

The beginning stage of psoriasis
In the initial stage of development of Psoriasis symptoms are not sick people, bring considerable discomfort. In this Phase, perhaps the rapid proliferation of skin lesions on considerable areas of the skin. The Problem looks like a Plural-formation of papules, rounded shape with clear boundaries. In the initial phase of the Psoriasis specific feature of the disease is the formation of silvery-white scales. You are almost not connected to each other with ramus cutaneus of the ceiling, so that peeling is a mechanical effect with ease, and fall off.
Psoriasis papules that begin on the skin, to merge into a larger stain. It, in turn, is becoming more and more noticeable by other people. After that, the active process of the Progression of the disease, the means begins the transition into the next Phase of development.

How to recognize psoriasis in an early stage

The early Phase of the development of the Psoriasis the time as extremely important to notice changes in the outer skin of the ceiling. If you do this, then a trial of the treatment of the disease, there is a high probability of quickly provoke Remission. Psoriasis in the early stages of can with the following signs:
  1. The emergence of the phenomenon of stearic spots. In the implementation of the upper dry layer of the skin is shed scraping fall off easily, exposing a surface, which is quite similar in appearance to a drop of Stearin.
  2. The emergence of the phenomenon of thermal films. If you completely remove dandruff and stearic Spot, one reaches a smooth surface that is reminiscent of the Film.
  3. Manifestation of the phenomenon of "blood dew". In case of damage of the film drops of blood. This is due to the fact that in the vicinity of the surface of the skin a large number of capillaries with a fairly weak walls.
How to recognize psoriasis in an early stage
To prevent further development of Psoriasis after the early Phase of its formation, it is worth to develop to notice early signs of disease and therapy, cum stetissent.

The treatment of the disease in the early stages

If you treatment of Psoriasis in an early stage, there is a greater probability of avoiding the serious consequences of the disease and its transition into the chronic process. An effective, popular and very well known medication that is used when there is a defeat of the skin, salicylic ointment. It helps to eliminate the inflammation and you remove the peeling layer. For dealing with itching, the use of naphthalene ointment is worth it. In some cases, doctors hormones prescribe. Your advantage is that you can quickly impact on the disease. Among the disadvantages of such drugs, you can mark your incapacity, long-term use as a result of the occurrence of habituation. In the General therapy of the early Phase of Psoriasis consists of the following parts:The treatment of the disease in the early stages
  1. Waiver of any harmful habits.
  2. Compliance with the rules of dietary nutrition.
  3. The application of topical preparations with a Basis of vitamins.
  4. The use of systemic products in the case of large lesions of the skin.
  5. Effect on the skin with the help of UV-light.
  6. Use of certain sedative drugs.
If the psoriasis is treated in an early stage, Progressive stage does not occur.

Progressive stage of Psoriasis

On the photo vulgar Psoriasis in an advanced stage
Progressive Psoriasis is a second exacerbation of the disease.Syndrome consists of the following signs of illness:
  1. The emergence of new skin lesions in the Form of papules on flexura surfaces of the extremities. Thereafter, the disease spreads to torso, head, etc.
  2. The Fusion of papules in a single training, and the silvery shimmer on the background of redness of the skin.
  3. The appearance on the surface of the training constantly squamea convolvens shed.
  4. Continuation of the inflammatory process, выражающегося in the Form of hyperemic edges in the affected areas.
In this stage of the disease the phenomenon Kebnera. He is a damage to the healthy areas of the skin and convert them into new psoriatic Plaques.

The treatment of the advanced stages of Psoriasis

Progressive severe psoriasis treat them with caution and care. The process should lead an experienced skin doctor.Without systemic therapy in such cases is not possible. Patients assigned to the most common intravenous management of this drug as a sodium Ammonium thiosulfate (30 %). Also, it is recommended that gemodez, carried out through the day, and inject intramuscularly every day sodium gluconate in a dose of 10 mm. In view of the fact that in the advanced stages of Psoriasis, only faster, in the body of various toxins deposited substances, you should spend start, with the help of adsorbents. Against the background of these drugs also have various local medicines in the Form of ointments and creams.
Drink treatment of diseases which can various methods of physiotherapy and instrumental methods.

The stationary Phase of Psoriasis

When to treat in a timely manner and as correctly as possible psoriasis, a severe Form of withdrawal. On your stationary Phase is replaced with the gradual recovery of the patient or of the interruption of the progression of the disease. This Phase of the disease is characterized by the following features:
  1. The Patient fully of the process of the emergence of new lesions was completed.
  2. To keep existing Plaques and in their dissemination.
  3. Symptom Kebnera disappears.
  4. Itching and unpleasant sensations.
  5. The inflammatory process is reduced, which through care, redness of the edges of the formations.
  6. Scaly Plaques in an even and quiet.
Stationary Phase talks about psoriasis, and its treatment is not effective.

The treatment of the stationary Phase of Psoriasis

Progressive stage of Psoriasis At the stationary Phase of the course of Psoriasis, doctors often recommend the use of local medicines and the effects of the instrumental methods. In most cases, there are drugs on the Basis of tar, products of petroleum processing. Systemic therapy is only when the skin changes are still quite significant. This happens against the background of the effects on the body UV-and PUVA radiation. If the disease is not responsive, doctors prescribe cytotoxic drugs, the to the class of anti-metabolites. In rare cases, can be administered at this stage in severe disease immunosuppressive drugs. This is especially true of Cyclosporin A. If the redness of the skin, experts recommend the use of Erythromycin. Diet Dietary diet for psoriasis is a part of a full-fledged and comprehensive treatment of this disease. In this disease is not recommended, the following types of food:
  1. Some types of spices. First of all, it comes with a high concentration in them of various essential oils.
  2. Nuts. Especially should the consumption of hazelnut, peanut and walnut. They are considered to be one of the most popular allergens.
  3. Sharp, smoked, and salted food. Such food leads to that in the digestive tract begin to poor nutrients to be sucked.
  4. Citrus fruits. The ban relates to lemon peel fruit,because it is toxic to the sick people. It is worth noting that it is in raw Form it is not to be used for the preparation of juices, so that you can drink.
  5. Oily Meats. In view of the fact that in them is arachidonic acid, which is capable to run inflammatory processes, is not recommended.
  6. Alcoholic Beverages. This is inclusive of, and non-alcoholic drinks.
In General, obesity, the metabolic processes lead to a disorder that only worsens the Psoriasis. So for the mass of his body to the sick people should be careful with special care.


In view of the fact that the doctors at the Moment are aware of the factors that Psoriasis provoke, you have a list of rules of prevention, which are able to prevent the development or slow the progression of the disease. It consists in the following:
  1. From avoid any damage to the upper layer of the skin. This is true for injuries, bruises, scratch, Solar and chemical burns.
  2. Regularly moisturize the skin using special cosmetics, if there is increased drought.
  3. You need to protect your body from infectious diseases, and in the case of an infection, immediately begin appropriate therapy of the disease.
  4. To advise against is from the negative habits. This is especially true for alcohol abuse, and Smoking.
  5. Worth it to avoid Stress, but also a significant emotional shocks (both negative and positive).
  6. Medications must only be used in accordance with the instructions and the instructions of the treating physician.