Instructions for use Psorimilk

Features of application of the cream Psorimilk

In addition to the high effectiveness, cream for psoriasis Psorimilk also a simple way for applications has:

  • The drug must only thoroughly for external use, but in case of contact with eyes or other mucous membranes, is required with running water.
  • You apply the cream in a thin layer on the entire surface of the affected skin, evenly distribute the contents of the packaging.
  • Be applied, the agent is preferably three times per day, but if this is not possible, treat skin rashes on the body should at least go in the morning and in the evening before sleep.
  • It is important, in advance of you wash the affected areas with warm water without using soap or other cleaning agents for the body.
  • After you beaten cream Psorimilkyou need to wait 15 minutes for the Tool made it fully into the skin, let it soak.

The main features of the application of the cream Psorimilk of psoriasis

To fight the earlier you begin with the manifestations of the Psoriasis with the help of the cream Psorimilkis , the faster you will see the effect of the application. To completely eliminate all signs of disease, you need to regularly use the drug in the course of 15-20 days. If you have redness after the expiration of this time on the skin, you can apply the cream is still 7-12 days. After all the traces disappear on the skin, you can stop with the use of the funds. Also, experts recommend that the cream be applied and the risk of a relapse of the skin disease is minimized. If daily apply the cream Psorimilk at the first sign of relapse, in order to prevent that a strong changes to the skin.

This Tool consists of exclusively natural components, therefore it has no contraindications, but to use it you can all people, regardless of gender and age group. The only limitation for use as a personal intolerance to a substance, which in the composition of the cream.